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Network Marketing Maintenance - 21st Century Style

Sep 1, 2008
As the world becomes more accessible through the internet and more and more businesses need a constant supply of people to service them, network marketing is providing more and more opportunities for developing long term, solid residual income. These home based business opportunities are spreading like wildfire around the net and even now, there is no sign of saturation at all in this multi trillion dollar business. If you wish to survive and grow in the current environment, however, there are things that you need to do.

Apart from the obvious things like a computer, internet connection and positive mindset, you need to be approaching network marketing (or MLM - the old terminology) in a different way to the past generation of marketers. Harness the "new way" and you will be on your way to unlocking the secrets of making money in the new world of 21st century online marketing.

There are many companies out there involved in network marketing, but only one that I know of that is incorporating the full web 2.0 system into a powerful marketing strategy that is producing outstanding results and that is the Reverse Funnel System. This fully automated system has it all. A fully tested and proven system that is fool proof, has an amazing backend for support 24/7 and a network that is committed to assisting others to succeed. You will be educated in how to build free streams of traffic through free web 2.0 strategies, but also how to generate warm paid leads for a discount as well, all directed to a url of your choice!

You will need to be motivated, prepared to spend some dollars to get involved, but mostly, to be able to see the benefits of this opportunity in the mid to long term. You must stick this out and plan every day to do something to promote your business. Set your goals, continuously review them and implement strategies to make sure that you are achieving them and within a time frame. Follow the system and forget about the money. I repeat, forget about the money. Thinking about making bucket loads of money all the time can be self defeating, because you will begin to place undue stress and pressure on yourself when you should be clearly learning about your business first and setting a strategy in motion. Remember, you have to build a foundation. Once you get a few conversions through, you will be able to teach these people exactly what you do and so start to increase your income in the process.

Although many people like to join organisations for free, you will find very few out there that are free and worth joining for long term benefits. Having to pay money to get involved should not be a factor in your decision if you are sold on the idea and have a vision for the opportunity. Imagine outlaying money for an offline business! You will be paying multiple thousands to even get to opening the doors, so relatively speaking and with the amount of money that can be made online with network marketing, these businesses tend to be quite cheap. They give you the opportunity to get started and make some income while you pay a monthly instalment, which becomes part of your budget.

Finally, at the end of all of this, network marketing is just that. Networking among people, so you need to have great people skills, be genuinely caring and prepared to assist people who are switched on to the business opportunity. Remember that not everone who you speak to or who contacts you online, will be suited to this. You need to have the capability to recognise this and advise people accordingly. While you need people in your downline, somebody who is not suited to this can exhaust you and provide so much baggage that they start to pull the whole team down. This is not worth it, so be careful when sussing people out. It's best sometimes to say openly that you don't think that this opportunity is for them. It will save you a lot of angst and pain.
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