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Top 10 Ways to Get Quality Inbound Links

Sep 1, 2008
If we look at close quarters, we will find that inbound links to websites have made the task of looking for both quality and quantity data much easier, thus saving on our 'most valued' resource time. Inbound links are actually hyperlinks transiting domains. Primarily, they were devised for being used in net navigation but in recent times they have gained importance in search engine optimization (SEO). Moreover, nowadays the amount of quality inbound links on one's website is an important parameter taken into consideration by search engines to rank web pages, mostly in the form of blogging, content writing and article writing. So in order to increase the traffic on your website, creating quality inbound links is a key ingredient and following is listed the top 10 ways by which you can do it, and get more and more people hooked up to you site!!!

Article Writing.
One of the best ways to create links is to write articles and submit them to article directory sites. You just have to use your skill of innovative ideas, and pen down your thoughts for a number of websites that accept it, and thereby help in getting inbound links. Another advantage is that you can send the same article to a number of sites, thus reeling in more links for the same piece of writing. In addition, in case you consider yourself not that good with your linguistic abilities, you can always hire writers who can do in the work for you. But one thing that should be kept in mind while article writing, is that the topic should be related to the material on your website. So when people come across it they click on your URL to get further information that acts as your inbound link. Even content writing is no different from it. One way flow of written content helps in generating inbound links.

Reciprocal Link Exchanges.
Another method of getting inbound links is by establishing a symbiotic relationship with another party.
Herein, you exchange a link with a websiteas in you add a link to their website and they add a link to yours and it becomes all the more easier if the both the sites are related to the same kind of information, thus proving beneficial to either party.

Provide a Service.
This way is actually a very economical and smart tactic for gaining more traffic. If one provides a useful service, not only will the people who want to avail it will visit but the websites who share similar matter will also try to link to your website, thus giving added benefit. It can include article writing, content writing and blogging.

Web Directories.
One of the simplest and the easiest ways by which you can get inbound links is via web directories. There will be ample directories on the internet which contain similar types of information as on your website. So all that you have to do is get yourself in them, so that each time a user visits the directory they get a chance to look at your website as well.

Email Signature File.
Another smart way of getting inbound links is to set up a signature file in the emails you send. In this way, each time you send an email to someone, that person will be able to click on the link and visit your website. Apart from increasing traffic this technique will also help the ones really interested in getting useful information from it.

Yet another system by which one can have more and more users looking at one's website is to use webrings. It is a kind of give and take relationship. Each member of the webring advertises about another relevant site by displaying a small banner on their site, and in return similarly your site is advertised on the other ones in the webring.

Post in Newsgroups.
There are a number of newsgroups working online. These provide information about anything and everything going around. So, including your website's address in one of these groups is a sure shot method to increase traffic on your site.

Social Bookmarking Site.
Social book marketing sites are the latest buzz in getting more traffic. The principle by which these sites work is that they allow you to save bookmarks online but not in the traditional way of storing them in the list of favorites, but specifically categorizing them with key words.

Blogging, in simple terms, is the most direct way to approach your target users. Blogs are nothing but web pages wherein you can deal with your consumers directly by personally writing in your website and updating changes made from time to time, so that they are continuously in touch with what's happening and they get first hand information about the available content and facilities you're offering.

Word of Mouth.
Pulling customers to your website by word of mouth is a fun way of doing it. Apart from this you can write blogs, add 'tell a friend' applications, or write testimonials. By doing this, other people, in order to reply, will obviously log on to your site, and this helps you achieve your target increasing the traffic to your website!!!
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