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Network Marketers Shouldn't Sell Their Customers Short

Sep 1, 2008
The bottom line success of any legitimate network marketing business comes down to the gathering of actual customers and the relationship that one has with those customers. Sure you need to recruit business partners and help them do the same in order to build a big business, but the customers and the relationship you have with them is critical to your businesses success. Because no one gets paid until a product or service is sold, right? If this is not the case with your MLM opportunity then you might need to check and see if your business is operating legally! That's the subject for another article though. The focus here is on yours and your partner's relationships with customers.

Customer relationship management and success in ANY business go hand in hand and this holds true in network marketing as well. As a matter of fact, it's even more important in an MLM business since everyone in an organization typically has only a handful of customers rather than hundreds or even thousands of them. Yours and your organization's good relationship with customers helps insure that during down economic times that business stays strong. Of course this is easier with some MLMs that are not so product based or that have a service that many people might see as expendable during harder times.

If you aren't sure whether you are really making the most of your network marketing business with respect to growing and maintaining your customer base and relationships, here are a few good starting points for your business.
  • Keep in mind how it is that a particular customer came to be your customer to begin with. How, when, and why did the relationship begin? Are they a relative or friend? Were they more of a stranger to you before becoming a customer? Where they referred to you by someone? These factors are important considerations in how you treat and approach a particular customer.
  • Start keeping a log when you gather new customers and note your thoughts on why they became your customer. What attracted them to you and/or your product or service. By doing this, you can keep track for each customer what need you think you should continue to fill to keep them as a happy customer. Many times you will be able to pinpoint the reasons why they became your customer. Sometimes you won't. If not, then ask them.
  • Keep in touch with them on a semi-regular basis at least. Even if they are on some sort of auto-ship or have a service that requires little or no attention from you like electricity for example. They use it and pay for it every month without thought, but hearing from you to see how they are keeps on the top of their mind where they got their product or service from in the first place and reminds them that they can call you if any issue arises.
  • Keeping in touch doesn't just mean by telephone. That's certainly a great way, but also dropping them a note by email is important. Putting a Thank You note or just about any brief note in the regular mail is great. Everyone loves to get a postcard or letter in the mail. That personal touch goes a long way. And then there is Christmas cards or even birthday cards are also enjoyed and appreciated. Not only do they appreciate you for this but THEY feel appreciated.
Customer relationship management in the network marketing world is often sold quite short. It deserves much more attention and credit for success in MLM businesses. There is no doubt that the focus of network marketers is the hunt for new business partners to sponsor. This receives the lion's share of the marketer's attention as well it should. It is how one will build a very large business. In fact, it is mostly during this quest for business partners that many of your customers may be found. Once they become a customer, it is the relationship savvy business person who goes on to huge success.
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