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Commercial Truck Driving for Retirees

Sep 1, 2008
The shortage of long haul truck drivers has given an opportunity to the empty nesters to prove them still work hard in one of the most dependable job. If you are retired and still have the zeal to work and add a little more to your pension, the local truck companies will surely hire you. This is because the there is scarcity of truck drivers for long haul, thus delaying consumer usable goods in the market. Most of the truck companies get applications from old people and retirees as truck drivers. The companies do not really mind hiring old people. In fact, the companies themselves admit that retirees have more working ability with truth and justice and are very reliable, as compared to the young drivers. The companies hire, train, and place you for long hauls.

Studies have shown that many women these days have also joined this industry. Old women join their husbands for this job as husband-wife team. The husband-wife team concept evolved a 90s, when many senior citizens would voluntarily approach companies for job; even after their retirement, age had arrived. The main idea of women joining their husband is that, women at that age do not have much work and their kids have already grown up and settled. So, instead of sitting at home, they tour with their husband. They get a free ride all around the country at the cost of the company. It is not necessary to have your wife along if you are a retiree, even single retiree can drive.

As it is advantageous for old people, it is also advantageous for the companies. Empty nesters demand for less, they have experience, it is not hard for them to locate routes and are reliable, this is what most of the truck companies expect from their drivers. An average retiree, as a truck driver earns between $45,000 to $50,000 annually and a husband-wife team earns about $70,000 to $85,0000 annually. This job lures many retirees too, because besides being a less tough job, it also earns them enough to survive and add to their pension.

Truck companies have been one of the major sources of providing employment to retirees and empty nesters. Truck companies bring in retired employees, explain them the job structure, routes they have to follow and time targets. Therefore, even if you new to the job and the routes, but want to work as a trucker, all you have to do is just approach a truck company with a CDL and the company will do the needful. Some of these companies even help you get a CDL.

There are some terms and norms these truck companies lay before they give you any commitments. They ask you for your medical report and reviews with your job applications. Some companies do the medical check in their associated private clinics. If you have any health related issues like high diabetes, fluctuating blood pressure, cataract, etc, you will stand less as a chance. This is because long haul truckers need to drive at least 16-18 hours a day, and have to cover many miles per day. They also have age and physique criteria for the truckers.

So go ahead, be confident, and hit the road.
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