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South Wales - Jobs For Hill Walkers And High Fliers

Sep 1, 2008
Completing a degree and embarking on a career can be a daunting prospect. After many years of schooling and training, it is important to get a foot on the right career ladder and get off to a flying start. What is often overlooked when researching potential employment, is location. Some qualifications are aimed towards sectors that have preferable geographical locations. If you have emerged from years of study and have a Masters in Geology, there is going to be little point in looking to Milton Keynes for a career.

For some graduates, making relocation the priority can ensure job satisfaction, and many career choices can be eliminated or chosen depending on where you want to live. A place for great variety of jobs is Wales. With city, suburb and countryside; tourism, trade and conservation - there are recruitment opportunities in all employment sectors. Taking two extremes as examples - City centre and National Park, let us take a look at the jobs available in South Wales and the perks the location might bring for the potential employee.

For a city buzz, Cardiff offers a great choice of work in Wales and plenty of out of office hours activity too. One of the benefits of working in the city is a higher wage, but there will be plenty for you to spend your wages on. With the added perks of being close to shopping, sports and culture, excellent public transport and a thriving night life, money well earned will soon be money well spent, adding to the thriving economy of the area.

The Millennium Stadium hosts sports and music events, making a perfect pit stop for work or pleasure. Events management is big on the agenda, providing support for big names such as Madonna and REM through to world class rugby and football matches. If the management side of things is a little overwhelming, then there are always other hospitality jobs on offer such as bar work, and all those visitors require a constant supply of security too!

Another big attraction in the city centre is Cardiff Castle. The eccentric architecture attracts tens of thousands of tourists a year and to keep the castle's cogs turning requires a huge team effort that incorporates everyone from curator to caretaker. So if you have an interest in history, or a heritage background, the castle could be a perfect place to find employment. Another arts and culture venue is the National Museum, which has one of the most impressive collections of Impressionist paintings. It also houses natural history and archaeology centres, giving a diverse potential for employment through sciences and arts.

If the quieter life is more up your street, and you are into all things eco, settling in the nearby Brecon will afford peace, quiet and absolutely stunning views. Located on the edge of the world famous Brecon Beacons National Park, Brecon is a picturesque village with narrow streets and traditional Jacobean architecture. A far cry from the buzz of the city centre, relocating here will suit a graduate in Environmental Sciences or Geology, or those with an interest conservation and wildlife. Even the quietly crafty could find a good source of income in the national park with it's thriving arts and crafts community. There are wide range of outdoor activities on offer including water sports and mountain biking, so having a background in sports science would be a huge advantage on a CV too!

Working in the south of Wales really does have an opportunity for everyone. The growing tourist industry in both the city and the country makes it a wise choice of location when embarking on a career or taking a year out to gain more experience.
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Dominic Donaldson is an expert in the recruitment industry.
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