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Preparing For Your Commercial Truck Driving License

Sep 1, 2008
Truck driving schools are literally everywhere. Need another assurance, simply enter the phrase "truck driving schools" in the Google search box and get ready to be amazed. That is because you will find a huge number of results dedicated to truck driving schools. Among these pages, you will also come across an acronym called "CDL" i.e., Commercial Drivers License. You cannot drive a truck without a CDL, let alone any heavy vehicle. Therefore, the bottom line is that if you want to establish yourself in the truck driving business, obtaining a CDL is essential. Every state has its own CDL test and obviously, only if you pass this test will you get your CDL and be able to drive a truck.

These tests usually consist of about 30 questions, and in order to pass the written test, you have to able to answer at least 80% of the questions right. That is just the written test; you also have to pass the driving test after that. In addition, you will have to drive in the same kind of vehicle that you intend on driving henceforth. This calls for some prior knowledge of how the test is going to be like and what it consists of. Now since you intend on driving a truck, you will fall under the category of class A, class B, or class C defined as per the CDL guidelines.

Class A consists of any combination of vehicles weighing 26001 lbs and more or the same vehicle towing another weighing 10000 lbs. Class B would consist of simply a single vehicle weighing 26001 lbs or more. Definition of class C is rather easy. Any vehicle not falling under class A or class B classifies as class C. It is essential to obtain a commercial driver's license if you are operating any of the above vehicles.

You have to know that the CDL test consists of three phases- the first would be a test of basic skills. This would also include a pre-trip test. The pre-trip test would simply consist of some questions so it's advisable that you know your vehicle inside out and of course some rules regarding driving on highways. Then comes the basic skills in which you have to drive in a straight line section, may be even do a 45 degree dock and of course the dreaded parallel park (where you have to really try hard to maintain your composure).

The finale in the quest for obtaining a CDL would be road test. This is where you have to be careful because even if you make any mistake in the gearshift, you will be marked negative on the test. One thing that you have to remember is that do not show off your driving skills by driving with only one hand on the wheel. You have to follow the same driving rules that you had learnt when you took the driver's license test at the age of 16. There are many commercial driving schools where you can enroll in. They will help you with training and basic knowledge needed to nail the test. A simple search on the Internet or even your local directory will serve that purpose.
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