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Why Translation Services Are Important

Sep 1, 2008
Speaking another language may seem unimportant to the laymen who feel they have no use for knowing another language. However a career in translation is a lucrative path to choose, especially if you study a field which is in much demand such as Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese. Many large organisations or businesses turn towards the help of many translation services, for business negotiations, drawing up a contract and creating partnerships.

However, in order to make sure that you get the best of your translation services, one must spend time finding the right person to do this. Usually people find people who speak the required language fluently, because it is their mother-tongue but are also able to speak fluent English at the same time. However, in an ideal world, this would be a much more expensive process and would require some degree of networking.

Many of these companies approach freelance translators or agencies that specialise in delegating translators with assignments. Translating is not a job for someone with fluent speaking knowledge of the knowledge, many organisations would prefer them to have working knowledge of written and reading skills. As well as some previous experience with living in the country of origin, proven track record of successful translation work (portfolio), good method of translation and most importantly of all the ability to translate business language.

Anyone studying a language is a complex task. For those taking up a home course on speaking a new language will know that the complexity of learning a new language requires plenty of time, patience, experience and an extended period of studying it. This is why some people give trying to learn, as it not only requires a good memory but the ability to think in that language. It is much more difficult to get to this stage, often requiring the person to live out in the country, read in the language and listen to locals speak in their native tongue.

One can easily make mistakes when speaking to a person of a higher official status, such as that of a potential client or business associate. When translating the words exactly from English to French for example, it may not have the same meaning as it would do in English to the French person. Those who have studied the language will know that French is a complicated language which does not arrange the words in the same structure and order as the English language. The numerous verbs, tenses and grammatical inclusions prevent one to fully translate a simple business opening word for word.

Translation services need to understand this concept of language, and should be knowledgeable about the implications of making mistakes in translation work. A single error in grammar could cost the whole of the meeting, possibly even break a deal as this would reflect negatively upon the company. When representing the company you may or may not need to have prior knowledge of what they do, but would need to be able to translate immediately what they state with confidence and clarity.

The language industry is an extremely lucrative business which is worth billions. Persons considering this path will be rest assured that will not be short of work if they approach this the right way, particularly if they choose to take on translating for large industries. Companies need to entrust upon you that what is being communicating makes perfect sense and is benefiting their reputation. Therefore translating has more pressure and stress than one would imagine, and one will need to be expected of working hard to keep up with a higher level of work ethic.
About the Author
Anna Stenning has dealt with translation services before, having studied French for seven years and considered this is a possible career path.
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