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Tax ID: Do You Need One For A Wholesale Business?

Aug 17, 2007
Do you know that one of the not tolerated myths by online power sellers is the myth that when you supposedly have a wholesale business, you need a reselling license and Tax ID? In my complete experience of selling thousands of dollars worth of items both on eBay and in online stores- you do not need a tax ID or a re-selling license to receive business from distributors.

There are multiple ways to make business with profitable distributors that will make you profit. It all comes to getting the right information from the right entrepreneurs.Do not get me wrong here- depending on your state and amount of sales you are able to pull out each year from such offline business and online venture- you mostly like need a tax id or re-selling license. But for making $100,000 a year, in my experience- it is truly not needed. You need to check with your state department and find out more about current state laws in order to prevent financial trouble and take advantage of the tax loopholes the US government impose corporations for getting taxed in the first semester of every year.

You can get wholesale tangible items from distributors on the car audio business niche, in the DVD wholesale business niche, in the electronics tangible business niche and to be precise in every other niche that relates to wholesale from true distributors, right now without delay or issues. The questions comes in where would you find such distributors. Before you start selling wholesale items at retail prices, make sure to check your state rules if having any doubts of what you can and can not do when selling online. For example: Check out Maxam Wholesale online wholesaler, such wholesale giant has been around for decades and they do not require you to have a business license or tax id in order to start selling online items that are profitable and in very well demand. It all comes to what you definitely want to sell and how you sell your merchandise on the Internet and offline.Nothing has change this days, except for more competition.

The concept of selling tangible merchandise on the Internet is getting a little bit more difficult every year. People definitely want to take advantage of the opportunities of not having to pay a monthly rent or a business loan for having a profitable business. The reality when starting a wholesale business either on the Internet or offline- is that you would eventually need to create a good business relationship with your supplier, distributors, wholesaler or any channel of distribution that you choose to do business with when it comes to wholesale.

The channels of distributions has just been exposed in the previous sentence, there are no other main channel of distribution when it comes to selling wholesale items on the Internet or locally in your state and country. The strategy that I use to make wholesale business without having to own a TAX ID or re-selling license, was to call the suppliers and the distributors directly by phone in order to get the job of getting their catalog and online inventory with prices and description of what I was getting, with a promise of a very possible bulk once you get to see everything they were offering within their merchandise inventory. It was never more easier and I cut 90% of my deals through this strategy without having to lie or feel bad about it because I still do business when I find the right prices with many of the distributors I still get to work.
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