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Halloween Promotional Products

Sep 1, 2008
This Halloween, take part in the festivities by being the first to offer related promotional products. Help parents keep their children safe on the street with reflective gear and glow sticks. Also, there is a vast potential market for candy, candy bags and bowls. Make the most from the second largest retail selling season this year.

Parents are always concerned for their child's safety on Halloween night. Many costumes are dark and cannot easily be seen by cars. Help alleviate this anxiety by providing reflective stickers, bracelets, masks and arm bands. These products will prominently display your logo while keeping children safe and parents happy. The kids will want to wear the Halloween stickers and anyone can wear the reflective mask. Glow sticks are fun for all ages as well. They come in many colors and can be seen from a distance. Not only are they perfect for trick-or-treaters, but also to give out at Halloween parties.

Candy bags are another necessity for Halloween festivities. Trick-or-treaters receive them from houses with assorted candy and toys in them. Candy bags are also used as goody bags and prizes at parties. Some items in these bags may include: promotional pencils, mini flashlights, notepads, candy, whistles, bike lights, and plastic bugs, spiders and bats. Also, do not forget about the bowl to hold the goodies and prizes! That is another opportunity to display your logo to all who come to your door. This Halloween take the eco-friendly approach and use recycled or reusable bags. Help the environment as well as your reputation. Those who receive them will be impressed and your name will be remembered.

Individually wrapped candy is ideal for mass distribution of your logo. Not only will the children be exposed to your logo, but the parents who sort through their candy will be as well. Children like to swap candy and trade with friends allowing your logo to even reach people you have not personally contacted. If you do not want to give out candy, great substitutes include lanyards, erasers, pencils and notepads. Parents will appreciate the change from the traditional sugar and these products may last longer than just one night. Pencils, erasers, pens and notepads may be brought to school and viewed by a vast audience. Lanyards are unique and special in a child's eyes. They will be greatly prized and shown off to friends for months to come.

Another product that would be treasured and shown off would be a stuffed animal. If your budget is large enough, beanie stuffed animals are a promotional product that children will cherish and hold onto for years to come. With your logo on their favorite comfort toy, your company will have a connotation in their mind and they will feel your business knows them personally already.

Promotional products at Halloween are a great way to take advantage of booming retail. Use products that will not only appeal to the children, but also to the parents of the trick-or-treaters. Parties are another great place to distribute your products as giveaways and prizes. Don't be left behind this year. Promote!
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