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Promotional Products at Company Picnics

Sep 1, 2008
Promotional products are great give away items at company picnics. Promotional item are not only good for building brand awareness but putting the company logo on products and giving them as gifts helps build morale. Employees will be proud to display the company logo on their gift item. When employees display the logo, more people see it and eventually recognize it. This will help the company build brand awareness.

When held in a very visible place such as the Wild Animal Park or Disneyland, not only will those who attend notice, but onlookers as well. Banners will attract attention as well as music. Once inside, there are numerous products to place your logo on. There may be promotional table cloths, silverware, cups, games and prizes. The children in attendance may play with branded Frisbees, balsa gliders, balls, and other items. There should be activities that the adults can participate in as well such as cards, poker and bingo. There are countless possible products to place your logo on.

Promotional products make great door prizes at company picnics. Good quality imprinted items are one method that will help your brand earn a good connotation and gain popularity. Items such as pens, sunscreen, sport bottles, small totes, mini bottles of hand sanitizer, insect repellent and visors are appropriate for summer company picnics. When choosing your door items, keep in mind what season it is, who will be attending and what your company represents. Give items that appropriate for the company, are practical, and may possibly be used during the picnic. Also think about giving items people can and will use long after the company picnic is over. Some items could be promotional products won as prizes.

During the picnic, games can be played for prizes. Such games include bingo, poker, musical chairs, tug-of-war, and possibly a raffle. Popular prizes are iPods, gift cards, money, and if the budget allows, portable DVD players and surfboards. The higher the quality of the prizes, the more professional the company is perceived to be. Also, there will be more excitement at the picnic when the prize is something valuable, especially electronic. When a company has a good reputation, prospective clients are more likely to go to you first when in need of your services. The word about your company will be spread by the promotional products well after the company picnic is over.

Prizes given at the picnic will be taken home, and if chosen wisely, used in public to spread the word about your company and increase logo and brand name recognition. A company can greatly increase their advertising by promoting with the right products at company socials and gatherings. By placing products in the homes of employees, the families may now inadvertently spread the word to their friends and associates through the use of the imprinted products. The more people who know about you, the more business you may receive. This new business may more than pay for the initial products given.
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