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Top 5 Affiliate Tips for Marketing on Forums

Jinger Jarrett
Sep 1, 2008
If you're new to affiliate marketing, or marketing at all, forums are a great place to start. Forums offer you an opportunity to meet new people. You also have an opportunity to learn, not just about what you are selling, but about marketing too.

Before you plunge into the world of forums though, there are a few things you need to do:

1. Do your research.

Before marketing on forums, you need to first create a list of topics you want to search for. As an affiliate, you may be marketing different products with different topics.

Once you've established your topics, do a search on your favorite search engine for your topic plus the word "forum". Look for forums on your topic with lots of members and lots of posts. You want forums that are active.

Once you have selected three to five forums you want to market on, sign up for an account.

2. Read the guidelines for the forum.

It's important to understand what you can and can't do on a particular forum. Reading the guidelines first will help you get the most out of the forum you are marketing on. Study the guidelines carefully. Read a few posts before posting yourself.

3. Create your profile.

A good profile gives you more credibility on the forum you are posting on. Once you start posting, others will want to know who you are.

Include a photo if possible. It puts a "human face" on you. If there is a place to put links to your websites, make sure you include these links. Tell others about your interests and who you would like to meet. Make it easy for others to connect with you.

4. Write a good signature.

A signature is where you tell a little about your business, like a resource box in an article. You may include links, as well as tell others about your business.

Follow the rules here. Some sites allow you to use affiliate links. Some sites do not. Use the appropriate links.

Give readers a reason to click through to the site you are promoting. Free courses and ebooks are always good provided the material you are offering is valuable.

5. Write good replies.

Too often, you see what I call "Ditto" comments on forums. These are comments where people write things like "Me too", or they just feel compelled to comment. Their comments are really irrelevent.

Don't make the same mistake. These types of comments won't help you promote your business. If you have a question, by all means, ask. When first starting out on the forums, you want to learn. Eventually though, you'll know enough to answer the questions of others. This will establish you as an expert on the forum, and you'll make more money.
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