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Working With A Mentor To Build Your Online Business

Sep 1, 2008
Choosing a mentor that will help you to achieve the success you want in your online business is not an easy task. You will want someone who understands what you do and where you are in your process. I have worked with several mentors during the past three years, and these are the suggestions I would recommend to anyone who is considering paying someone to help them get to the next level in their internet business.

1 - Look for someone who mentors others regularly. This is important because many people know what they do very well, but are unable to connect with others who need guidance to move to the next level. Someone who works with others on a regular basis will know what to look for and how to give you the very best advice in the shortest period of time.

2 - Help your mentor to help you. By this I mean that you must have your information written down and available during your time with your mentor. These calls typically last for an hour. You do not want to waste precious time searching for links to blogs, websites, and affiliate programs, or looking for passwords or other necessary information. Make this part of your time management system and it will increase your productivity in all aspects of your life.

3 - Listen to what your mentor is saying. Even though it is your time, and it is all about helping you with your business, you must listen and takes notes to fully benefit from the mentoring session. Trust in the process and know that your mentor will advise you to take the next steps towards your success online.

4 - Implement the suggestions your mentor suggests to you during your call. Taking action is the only way to reach your goals and achieve success in your online business. By taking the initiative you will be successful in a shorter period of time, and also show others that you are reliable and dependable. This will lead to better relationships and possible joint ventures in the future.

5 - Between calls with your mentor, make notes about what you will need help with during the next session. If you accomplish these things before your next call, simply cross them out on your list and congratulate yourself on your success, even if it is small. By the time your next session comes around, your list will have many things completed, and other things that you still need assistance with to complete. Either way, you will be closer to your goals and feel more competent in achieving them.

These five suggestions will make your mentoring process more productive and get you the results that you need to make money online. You really do owe it to yourself to get help from someone who has already become successful on the internet.
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