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How To Make A Resume Look Professional

Sep 1, 2008
A key fundamental in helping you to gain an advantage over the other applicants is to use these styles in the correct way. There are many different styles that can be used when composing your resume. First we will look at the two most common styles used, Chronological and Functional.

Start with the most recent work experience and list under each position you have held a short description of your duties. This is a Chronological Resume. It is easy to read and is good at showing your career development, which are just a couple of advantages, associated with this style. Attention isn't drawn to your other skills and your main achievements are not demonstrated which are its main weaknesses. This style is good if you can demonstrate a continuous progression in your career. The Chronological Resume style could well be the right one for you provided you are not moving to a different field of employment.

A Functional Skills Resume works its way through from your skills and main accomplishments to your job history. Use this style if you wish to highlight your major achievements. Following your work experience is difficult for a prospective employer, which is the main disadvantage of the style. Using a Functional Resume style would be to your advantage if you haven't progressed when changing positions or you are looking for a career in an area where you have little or no experience. This style would also be worth considering if you have lots of gaps in your employment history or you are continually changing jobs.

There are also Targeted, Imaginative and Combination Resume styles to consider.

Only presenting relevant supporting material is the Targeted style of resume and it is totally focused on one specific target or position. Preparing a different one for each position you are applying for which is a big advantage. On the other hand an Imaginative Resume style would be used when applying for a position in areas like graphic design and would be similar to a mini-portfolio.

The Combination Resume Style is, as its name implies, a combination of the Functional and Chronological Styles. A number of elements can be combined from the different styles to give you more flexibility. The differences in styles is a reflection of the way you present your skills and experience and must be carefully considered in the light of the position you are applying for. The style should not restrain what you have to say; rather you should adapt the style to suit yourself.
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