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How To Build Your Own Successful Youtube, EBay Or Social Network Website

Sep 2, 2008
Website technology is advancing rapidly, while at the same time the number of websites on the Internet is increasing daily, so it is no longer enough to patch together a simple HTML website and wait for success.

As the Internet matures, the websites being hosted on it are also becoming increasing sophisticated as portals and technologies compete.

To do the things that current demands on the Internet require, most new websites are being created as database driven sites as they need to be able to store and and allow you to edit and retrieve lots of information about your customers, products, registration details, prices, digital information such as video library systems etc.

All this could be bad news if you are starting a fresh new website. It appears quite daunting and complex. The good news however, is that you no longer have to become a computer and programming guru to build your own Internet portal.

Most new technologies are being built as plug and play modules so you can now build your own business website such as:

- Blog Website,
- Ebay like auction marketplace
- E-Commerce Website
- Youtube clone website
- Social network - similar to Facebook
- Art Gallery Website
- Real Estate Website
- Dating Website
- e-Learning College
- Helpdesk Module on your site
- Online Newsletter Generator

or build almost any other type of business website using simple to install modules or scripts.

Some of these systems are wizard driven online software so you just need to follow the steps one by one to get your website up and running.

Quite a few of them have different template layouts you can choose from and some you can build into your original website so they blend well with your original theme.

To build more complex business websites such as eBay or Youtube clones, even if you lack the technical ability to do the installation yourself, most of the developers will happily do the complete installation for you - for a modest fee.

The other good news is that most of these are not very expensive as the developers can recoup their costs by selling in volume, rather than trying to get back the money from one client.

Don't be tempted to go for free Website Builders as support (and appearance) is very important, especially if you want to use the script in a commercial venture. Free website bulders are not likely to be well supported. With many free scripts, the only support is from volunteers who could take days to respond - if ever.

In conclusion, you can now build your personal revenue generating small business website portal or marketplace for a fraction of how much it would have cost a few years ago. If you have been putting it off now may be a good time to get started.

If you need more information on how to get started, contact us and we'll be glad to refer you to some good products.
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