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Legitimate Work From Home

Sep 2, 2008
To be able to sit at home and make large amounts of money is many peoples dream. And there are a large number of businesses that try to capitalize on these dreams. While some are genuine, there are many that are, to say the least, shady. You need to be sure that what you are doing constitutes legitimate work from home and not getting ripped off. If you can avoid the types of scams given below, you can be fairly sure that you are going to be doing legitimate work from home.

Scams come in all shapes and sizes. As a general rule, avoid those that promise you unbelievable returns. That's what they are, unbelievable. The most common scams are:

1. Processing medical insurance claims. You will be offered amounts of up to $1000 a week. You will be told that there is a huge market for this and all you need is a little software and training, which, of course you have to pay for. You will probably receive a CD with some junk software and a crude training manual. Once you complete the training and contact the company, you will be fobbed off with one excuse after another until you give up or the company stops responding.

2. Offers for online jobs. This is one of the oldest scams in the book. You pay for a CD that is supposed to tell you how to make your fortune at home. What you get is a CD that lists outdated job opportunities.

3. Envelope stuffing. You are offered hundreds of dollars a week for sending out mailers. What you get when you respond is a letter asking you to pay for the promotional material. If you fall for this, what you can expect to receive is a plan on how to repeat the offer you have responded to. You then have to spend hundreds of dollars on stamps and stationery in the hope that someone will respond to you so you can repeat the cycle. This is not legitimate work from home.

4. Multi level marketing. This is a legitimate marketing technique used by many reputed companies. But the unsolicited offer you receive will ask you to pay a deposit and then talk of recruiting more members and not the products to be sold. You are being asked to cheat others the way you have been cheated. In the end these schemes collapse, leaving you with nothing.

5. Assembly work from home. This offer involves paying a deposit for components that you are to assemble at home and then return to the supplier for a payment that covers your deposit and gives you a profit. When you return the complete work, you are told that the work is sub standard and is rejected.

The five scams listed above are just examples of some of the estimated 300 work at home scams doing the rounds today. But for every scam there are hundreds of legitimate work from home opportunities available. Check every work from home opportunity offered to you before investing any time or money. If possible, contact your local Better Business Bureau for confirmation that the offer you have received is a legitimate work from home opportunity.
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