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Money Surveys - What to Stay Away From When Wanting to Get Paid For Surveys

Sep 2, 2008
Earning money online can be a great way to make a living and doing money surveys is a great way to go about it. I can assure you of this. A lot of people involved in the business of getting paid for surveys subscribe to sites that don't pay a lot of money, or even worse don't pay any money at all! So why do they do this when there are a great deal of sites out there that pay great money per survey? Throughout the internet there is a massive amount of misguided info and many people, due to this information, get pointed the wrong way. But if you want money survey sites that will make decent cash what's an easy way to go about it?

Before we get into that, let's talk about what to stay away from. The top reason why the majority of people sign up to get paid for survey sites that don't give much cash is also the first place people go to look for them. I'm talking of search sites such as Google, yahoo or MSN. The majority of people pick the fancy looking money survey sites from the many thousands of pages that they return. The thing is that, although they may look good, they may not have a lot of paying surveys. Just because the site looks professional and says all the right things on the opening page doesn't mean it's the right one to pick and definitely doesn't mean it's the site that's going to provide the best paying surveys. The majority of sites that do offer a lot of money surveys, probably do provide them, but most are either VERY low paying or will take you half an hour to fill out.

Now it's time to talk about getting paid for surveys that are worthwhile and how to find the sites that deliver on their promises now we've discussed avoiding the ones that don't....

If money survey sites are what you're after, how much would it benefit you to find out where other successful men and women like you are raking in all the money and what sites they are using to provide them with their income? Well you can go straight to the source and ask them yourself in internet forums. Internet forums should always be your first point of call. Thousands of topics are covered and questions answered when you visit the bigger get paid for surveys forums. Forums are where the people that are making good incomes from surveys share their advice and tips about how they got there.

So if you want to find money surveys that get the job done these internet forums are the best way to find them. Just take the advice from the people in the forums who are successful and they will lead you right to where the money is.

Getting paid for surveys is extremely popular with a lot of people and the majority of these people make a successful income through surveys alone. Hopefully this little piece of information will help you on the way to making good money.
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