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Building up a Good Design Portfolio

Sep 2, 2008
Many people simply don't realize the importance of an interior design portfolio for both professionals and students alike. A portfolio will provide people with a sample of your work, it provides a way for people to look at your work rather than simply reading about it.

The interior design portfolio is your best tool to help you secure the job that you want, no employer is going to hire anyone without first seeing what they can do. Your portfolio will contain a number of real examples which show what you are really capable of. If you don't have a portfolio then you are missing out on a very important tool.

What to Include in your Portfolio

You should not put everything you have ever done in your portfolio, if your portfolio is too big then employers won't have enough time to look at it all anyway. They just can't spare enough time to look at every single page. You should choose a few projects that you are especially proud of, show the whole process from start to finish so that they can get an idea of how you work. Digital photos can be used alongside floor plans and sketches. Lay it out so that it's easy to understand and looks nice.

You shouldn't include any more than thirty pages in your portfolio. You should also include examples of your CAD work, drawings and anything else that separates you from the other candidates. You want to use this tool to sell yourself, so you need to make sure you do it properly.

You can create a tailored portfolio depending on the job that you are applying for, use project examples which are similar to that job. Choosing work that is similar to theirs will probably work very well unless the firm is a design firm that handles a number of different clients.

Be Confident

Employers like to hire confident people, if you're not confident then you're missing out. You shouldn't waffle or be indecisive. You should choose the work that you are most proud of and show that you like them. If you are able to show pride in your own work then the employer is much more likely to hire you. You normally only have one chance to impress the employer at an interview, and so you need to make the most of it. Your portfolio should be used to make the employer say that they want to hire you!

When you attend the interview you should be ready to talk about your work and why you did the projects in that way. This doesn't mean that they don't agree or don't like what you did, they just want to hear your reasoning behind it. You need to demonstrate confidence in your abilities, and use your portfolio to convey this.
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