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3 Pitfalls To Avoid For Experienced Network Marketers

Sep 2, 2008
The three pitfalls to be avoided are...if I scratch your back, will you scratch mine, placing people under people in an effort to motivate, and ambiguous advertising Some times people become desperate for business and attend meetings of other companies in an attempt to recruit new individuals. Unfortunately the opportunities presented may be somewhat shallow as it is mostly an attempt to gain your friendship and recruit you instead.

Spending a lot of money joining other companies and not getting anyone to join yours is not good. You may "scratch" someone else's back, but they just may not be willing to "scratch" yours. And if that itch isn't exactly what you wanted or how you figured it should turn out, than this could be another business venture you are willing to throw in due to your poor judgment and your lack of planning.

Promises are made to get people to join. Maybe it is to recruit motivated ones in an effort to motivate their team. Laziness and dependency usually is the result and progress is slowed down. Other less motivated people will expect people to be placed under them, creating a vicious circle of a less than motivated organization. Spillover should only occur when certain conditions are met if you are in a matrix or binary and not let them wait for their uplines. People unwilling to work or "carry the load" should not be allowed to become a player in the game of network marketers. All too often individuals would rather "pass the buck" than take up the slack when needed.

Vague advertising is another pitfall that should be avoided by the experienced Internet marketer. If you were to see someone advertising "no experience necessary, flexible hours, good salary with bonus, part time work?, what would you think? Is someone offering you a job? Expectations are unclear and there is no clear cut intention as to the time of the interview which will really turn out to be a forum to "show the plan." Unfortunately that does not guarantee a steady paycheck and you might risk incurring the wrath of someone desperate in "bringing home the bacon." Vague advertising is false advertisement and a company should not be based on lies. Therein allows bad publicity.

Do not advertise if you don't have high moving, low cost retail products that generate quick cash. Advertising costs a lot of money and most people give up when they realize this.
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