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Internet Marketing - 15 Ways To Bring Traffic To Your Website

Sep 2, 2008
Every website owner wants to believe that their site is unique but for the most part there are hundreds of sites selling the same products or services with very little uniqueness between them. The key to uniqueness is in your internet marketing campaign. You must not only tell your potential customers what you have to offer that's unique from others, you must also offers something they need to change a personal situation. All of this begins by first getting traffic to your website. Every website achieves this in their own way. Here are 15 ways to bring traffic to your website.

1. Submit to the search engines - There are many big search engines including Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask, AltaVista, Alexa, and more. You can either submit manually or you can use a paid service. Don't multi submit the same site in a short period of time as this could get your site blocked.

2. Submit to Google Reader - Submit your site's RSS to Google reader and it will quickly be crawled by the Google Blog Search.

3. Use My Yahoo Service - Here you can submit your website's RSS feed on My Yahoo to assist your website in quickly getting indexed.

4. Submission to web directories - Submit to the top web directories like Yahoo Directory, or dmoz. There are other directories so hunt them out.

5. Use pinging services - Use a pinging service such as ping-o-matic each time you add new content to your site. This will give you more visibility and extra links for your website.

6. RSS Submission - Add your blog or website to the many RSS submission directories and search engines. You might not be able to submit to all but you should be able to submit to plenty. Use one of the directories as a tool.

7. PPC Programs - Pay per click is a form of advertising that can get great results for your site. When you use PPC your site gets listed in the sponsored sections on the search engines. All of the search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, or Google offer this type of advertising.

8. Comments on blogs and forums - Making comments on the other blogs and websites of others is a nice niche that allows you get some very valuable one way links to your website. These comments need to be of value or you can expect webmasters to quickly remove. Not only should your comments add value they should be unique and not spam. In other words, don't write something like "nice site." Good comments bode well for your site as other visitors will read these comments.

9. Article submission - this is one of the fastest grown components of bringing traffic to a website. It brings in one way links too. Articles are submitted to article banks and when others find the information informative they are likely to use the link at the bottom leading to your website. Goarticles, findarticles, ezinearticles, and articlecity are just a few of the sites available.

10. Squidoo and Hubpages - You can go to these sites to create your hubs and lens. In under a half hour you can get this up and running.

11. E-mail signature - Linking back to your website using an email signature. You can use this signature on all your outgoing email. It's a great way to create a traffic flow to your site and it's completely free.

12. Social Media Marketing - This is one of the fastest growing forms of internet marketing. Sites like Digg, Facebook, Reddit, My Space, and Newsvine all offer great opportunities for your website.

13. Press Releases - Are free and a great tool for building traffic to your site and branding your name as well as what you offer. If you think this has to be complex you'd be wrong. You simply have to be able to write good copy that gets printed.

14. Traffic Exchange Programs - There are all kinds of traffic exchange programs on the net. All you have to do is a quick search on one of the search engines and you'll have a long list. It's a good way to get traffic to your site.

15. Yahoo Answer Services - Answerbag and Allexperts are question answer systems. You can go through the posted questions and when you provide an answer you get a link. This is a terrific internet marketing tool.
There you have it - 15 ways to bring traffic to your website and important part of your internet marketing.
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