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Part Time Extra Income Earning Opportunities Utilizing Your Skills and Talents

Sep 2, 2008
Earning an extra income has become an absolute necessity to most people today. The rise in cost of living has prompted them to seek out other avenues of earning an extra income to make both ends meet. There are also others who are anxious to earn extra money by working part time at home to enjoy a better life style. Most people have some inherent talent or skills and if that is activated properly a great window of opportunity will open out giving them fulfillment and happiness.

Tutoring Service:

This is one of the easiest part time extra income earning opportunities you can think of. Parents today do not have the time or the patience to tutor their children and hence the demand for this service. If you possess the knowledge and the ability to handle young children then this is a great opportunity for you to start a tutoring service.

To be successful it is advisable to start giving tuition free of charge, earn a reputation and trust and gradually charge a fee for your services.

Free Lance Writing:

If you have the flare or talent for writing then this can be a source for earning an extra income. As a free lance writer especially in the English language, the whole world is your stage for writing articles for magazines, newsletters and advertising copy for brochures and manuals. An additional popular source of income today is to write articles and content for webmasters who do not have the expertise or the time to do these.

Senior Care Provider:

For those who are service minded and love helping and caring people this can be a very satisfying service oriented job that can give you an extra income working part time from home. With the increase in life expectancy the demand for senior care providers has also increased. While some people need regular extra care there is also a need to relieve family members who regularly provide care for their ageing parents.

Crafts Making:

Those of you who have creative talent, ideas, the ability to work with your hand and are passionate about what you do can turn your passion into a profitable, part time, extra money making opportunity. Stuffed toys, fancy jewelry, candle and other fancy and novel crafts are much sought after. Novel designs attract a lot of buyers irrespective of the cost.

Home Widow Cleaning Service:

There is a good demand for window cleaning since most people do not like doing it themselves. A few additional gadgets to what you already have and use yourselves such as buckets, a squgee, towels, ammonia and soap are enough to get you started. If you are honest and punctual, you can be assured of success.

Home Repair Service:

Every home owner needs the help of someone to do repairs as and when they occur. Some home owners who are talented will do the repairs themselves but unfortunately most do not have the confidence, the tools or the time to do it successfully. If you are a versatile person and good with your hands, here is an money making opportunity for you to earn an extra income by doing repairs on a part time basis. Advertise in the local community newspapers, distribute Flyers and pass the word around that you are available for home repair work.


The world is full of all kinds of people. Some are prepared to face the indignities and the consequences of a low income, whereas there are others who are determined to lead a better life by venturing out into the community and earn an extra income by utilizing their skills. The advantage here is that there is little or no investment involved and you can easily generate a reasonable amount of income working on a part time basis.
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