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5 Tips For Recycling Your PLR Articles Into Unique Content

Sep 2, 2008
Okay, I know some of you will never think about using PLR articles for content. That's fine. Most of us who use PLR artices have dozens of Websites or blogs and it's nearly impossible to write enough content for that many sites by ourselves.

Everyone also knows PLR articles are a great content source for websites and blogs that use Adsense to monetize their sites. They're also a great source for article marketing.

Maybe you're like me and found yourself sitting on thousands of PLR articles that had been published by others over and over. There's no use in republishing these abused articles because its likely a futile attempt due to the perceived notion of a Google duplicate content penalty. (I say perceived because my experiments over the last few months show that authority sites can publish PLR articles and have them indexed and ranked by Google...but that's another article)

Here are 5 tips I've developed for recycling all these old PLR articles I have.

The first method I use is to use an article spinner. There are plenty of spinners out there that will turn any article into gibberish. I don't want that. I want something that will pass a manual review from a Google employee should there be one. So I use a program called WordFlood. This turns out some very nice articles with little effort.

Mix 'em up. During one experiment I performed with PLR articles, I took too shorter PLR articles that had the same subject matter and combined them both to make one article. Just cut and pasted one below the other, put a descriptive H3 tag in between to make it look like I was changing the subject and presto! Unique article. I posted a few of these on several of my blogs and they were indexed and ranked just as if I'd wrote the articles myself.

Use snippets. What I did with this technique is that I cut and pasted snippets of several of the PLR articles that were discussing the same subject. A snippet could be a sentence or a whole paragraph. I took several from each PLR article and soon had another unique article all ready for Google to index and rank. And they did!

Have them rewritten. What I've been doing for some niches is taking 20 to 30 PLR articles and mixing them up to make 10 to 20 long articles. Long articles rank better. I then have each of these long articles rewritten for $2 a piece. You can find people to rewrite them on DigitalPoint forums and SitePoint. Now I have 10 to 20 more unique articles that have over 1000 words each! By the way, as you become more successful with Internet Marketing, you'll learn to outsource the boring and mundane chores so you can concentrate on the taks that really make you money! Rewriting PLR articles is one thing I outsource.

Add to the articles. Most PLR articles are short and boring. To add to the word count of your PLR articles and make them more attractive to article directories and ezine publishers, go to GistWeb. If your article is over a subject like Yellow Flowers, just type something like "Yellow Flower Facts" into GistWeb. GistWeb will then show you snippets from various websites about Yellow Flower Fact. Just cut and paste those snippets into your PLR article. Viola! Unique Content!

So instead of letting your PLR articles collect dust on your hard drive, learn how to recycle them and turn them into unique content. It's not hard and takes minimal time. A whole lot less time than to set down and write a new article and a whole lot cheaper than paying someone to write unique articles for your websites!
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