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How To Accept Payments Online

Sep 2, 2008
Have you created a website for your Internet business? Do you want to sell products through your website? Don't rush out to sell your product until you have set up an online payment system. This is critical because many people falsely believe that you just set up a website and cash will instantly roll into your bank account. It doesn't just happen automatically. You have to be able to accept payments online.

There are three crucial systems you need to setup. These systems include a shopping cart, Internet gateway, and a merchant account. A shopping cart will take and maintain orders. A merchant account direct deposits the money you accept on your website into your bank account.

You also need a system that connects the shopping cart with your merchant account. This is where an Internet gateway comes in. The "Internet Gateway" is the link between the shopping cart and the merchant account. The shopping cart accepts the credit card information. The Internet gateway runs the credit cards and then deposits the money in your bank account.

Experienced Internet business owners know that merchant accounts can be tricky. Some merchant account providers can take advantage of you. Be careful.
For example, when you sign up for a merchant account you have to sign a contract.

The contract could be as long as five years for certain merchant account providers. You also have to provide an estimate of how much money you will earn online in the year. If you low ball your yearly income then a merchant account might shut you down if you make more money then this estimate. Plus, some merchant accounts will hold your money. They may also go bankrupt.

Merchant accounts can be tricky when you make a great deal of money in a short amount of time. You need a merchant account provider that has the capabilities of running high credit card amounts each day. Verify that your merchant account provider is robust enough to provide you these services.

A merchant account only deals with VISA and MasterCard. American Express and Discover work differently. You have to contact American Express and Discover directly to set up a merchant account with them. American Express may have a higher rate, but it is well worth it. Remember, American Express card holders typically have money to spend and good credit. They are quality customers that are more likely to buy your products.

A great resource for an Internet Gateway is Authorize. Authorize is a top name in the Internet marketing industry. Authorize understands this specific business model. Internet marketing gurus can provide testimonials to the high quality of Authorize.

How long does it take money to show up in your bank account? It depends. Some merchant account providers take up to two weeks to transfer money into your bank account. However, you can find merchant accounts that will transfer money into your bank account almost immediately.

An exceptional online payment resource can be found at powerfulpromoter dot com. You can learn how to accept online payments. Learn who you should contact to setup your shopping cart, Internet Gateway, and merchant account.
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