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Video Editing - Creating a Montage Or a Commercial

Sep 2, 2008
You have just watched your favourite TV program or TV commercial or video and the 30 second or 3 minute production was done flawlessly without any errors or glitches. The term montage comes from the world cinema and is a production of consecutive images all brought together to create one motion picture. It is essentially a form of communication that is used in video and film. However, to truly create a proper montage or video requires several factors.

The first factor is having the proper equipment to video record a particular event. That is coupled with the elements of the environment and ability of the individual recording the video. Secondly software is required to exclude components of the video that are deemed "unnecessary". Thirdly reviewing what was omitted is important to oversee anything that might need removing from the video that was missed the first time around. Finally, piecing everything together is what gets the final production in order to be viewed.

Videos can be used in many different platforms some of them include television, vacation videos, wedding videos, birthday videos, family events, baptism videos, prom nights, graduation videos, bar mitzvah videos, communions, confirmation, baby shower videos, wedding shower videos and engagement parties to name a few.

A commercial, movie, wedding video all follow the same principle all mentioned above. In keeping with the theme of wedding videos it is important to get a wedding videography professional to create your video masterpiece for your wedding party. There are many wedding videographers within the Greater Toronto Area to choose from. It is important that you get the right one to make your wedding video, baptism video, prom night video, baby shower video, and bar mitzvah video.

The same can be said for music videos. Music videos require the same fundamentals as wedding videos, movies and television commercials. The video begins with raw footage of the artist being recorded singing and dancing. Once that segment is completed the video editing process begins. The same essentials that is applied to video editing a wedding video is used when editing a 5-minute music video.

The same can be said about a 30 second Television commercial. All the values of editing a montage, video commercial, wedding video, baptism videos to mention a few are best done by videography professionals. A videography professional has the capability of blending two separate frames and bridging them into cohesive video.

So in conclusion, video editing requires a lot of skill, expertise, resources and imagination. The resources include software, video cameras, mounts and stands, proper lighting and creativity. If you are ready to have your special event be it wedding, baptism, prom night, and much much more be sure to choose videography professional who can consolidate all the magical moments into a beautiful montage for you to enjoy and cherish the rest of your life. Thankfully the Greater Toronto Area has an abundance of videography professionals to choose from. So make the right decision and happy viewings!
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