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Find Keywords with this Cutting Edge Strategy

Sep 2, 2008
Finding the right keywords to use on your Internet business website can make your profit sink or swim. It is crucial to find keywords that attract quality customers that want to subscribe to your list and purchase your product.

How do you find good keywords for your website? A great way to find the best keywords is to use software such as "Good Keywords" at goodkeywords dot com. You can search for awesome keywords and keywords phrases using this program.

The more keyword phrases you have the better chance you will be found in the Google search results. You should also use common misspellings in your keyword phrases.

The "Good Keywords" software program has a feature that will provide you with these common misspellings. While using the "Good Keywords" software program is a proven way to find good keywords, it is not the only method out there. You should also think outside the box when you create keyword phrases.

Why? It will set you apart from the competition. The majority of your competition will solely rely on keyword phrases generated by machines. Take this a step further and use your own brain to find keyword phrases.


Who are your competitors? Who is earning the website traffic that you desire? How can you step in front of your competitor's website to grab the website traffic? You can use an "Amazon" strategy.

Go to Amazon. Then type in a keyword phrase at Amazon and hit search. This will give a list of books related to your niche. People who are searching for books online are interested in purchasing information related to the niche. Therefore, add the keyword phrases of books related to your niche. Also make sure to use the author's name as a keyword phrase. An author name keyword phrase is a great choice because many customers search for products based on an author's name.

Yet, another strategy is to use an online dictionary to find good keywords. Go to dictionary dot com. You can find synonyms and antonyms of your keyword phrases. This will give you a bounty of new keyword phrases. Are you curious as to what keywords your competition is using on their websites? Google won't give you this information, but a website called googspy will provide you with this secret information. You can look to see what your competitors are doing at this website.

All you need to do is type in the website address, keyword, or name of your competitor into the search feature. The results will show you what keywords this website is using and bidding on. You can check out their keyword phrases and meta tags.

Use these cutting edge strategies to find the best keyword phrases available for your website.
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