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Salehoo ,What It is and Its Benefits

Sep 2, 2008
Drop shipping is a dream for many people who want to make significant amounts of money while making a business out of selling products online. With drop shipping, a person in an online business does not have to do a lot of paperwork or keep stocks and inventory. All he needs to do to be able to sell is to promote the products he sells on his website, take orders from clients, and place these orders to his suppliers. His suppliers will handle the shipping to the customer. Through drop shipping, a person will earn money without ever having to touch the product.

Salehoo: A Popular Online Wholesale Directory

Salehoo is one of the most popular websites that act as a drop shipping resource on the Internet these days. Basically, it is a wholesale directory that offers a wide array of suppliers on a wide range of products on their listings. That is a beauty in itself, with regards to the variety provided on the its website.

Through this variety, the site is able to give its members the ability to be more flexible in making decisions on what products to sell. They can choose to sell a single product line from a specific supplier, the same kind of product from different suppliers, or multiple product lines from multiple suppliers. This kind of flexibility is what primarily makes Salehoo a winner as far as being a wholesale directory and a drop shipping resource.

As a Drop Shipping Resource

It does not end there, however. Salehoo does not simply provide supplier listings as what a typical wholesale directory does. While the extensive supplier listings do give its members more choices, the product research that it does on the products its suppliers come up with helps the members of Salehoo make more intelligent choices. Being able to make intelligent choices means Salehoo members get to have better deals on the products they are buying and selling online.

It also has education and community sections. The education section provides help guides on different aspects of drop shipping, such as setting up shop online, buying and selling on eBay, finding good products to sell, finding good sources of products to sell, and spotting a scam.

The education section may not be as meaty as those found on other drop shipping resources, but a huge bulk of the meat is found on the community section. The community section is where members give advice on the finer points of drop shipping as well as sound off on good or bad suppliers.

A Scam?

The popularity of Salehoo as a drop shipping resource and a wholesale directory has made it a target for bad publicity. Mostly, the motive behind this bad publicity is to be able to steal some of the business generated by it. Many mudslinging detractors of the site, if one looks at them more closely, are in direct competition with it and, thus, are simply trying to divert some traffic to their own wholesale directory listings.

Regardless of the bad rumors circulating about Salehoo, it is without a doubt that it is one of the best websites out there when it comes to drop shipping.
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