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Creating Your Own Online Dating Service

Sep 3, 2008
With online dating becoming more popular all the time more and more people are now creating online dating services. You can easily create a matchmaking site that is catered for any niche of singles. There are hundreds of thousands of singles looking online for a service that caters for them every day.

Thousands on new dating web sites are starting up every month with the owner hoping that they will get a ton of members and then the money will flow into their bank account. In reality this is not what happens. Software is purchased, and then their dream is crushed because they didn't have the one thing that would help their new web site take off, and that's members.

The most important part of a successful dating service is it's member database. Without members no one will join because the reason they join a dating web site is to be contacted by existing members.

Some people will go to the trouble of creating false profiles in the hope that it will attract more members to their site. This strategy might work for a while until they realise that they're sending messages to people that don't exsist. This causes the service to get a bad name, and then everyone starts avoiding the service altogether which is then the reason another new internet dating web site has failed.

The first part of creating a dating service that will earn you money is to be part of a growing service that already has millions of members. This saves you the hassle of trying to get members that will attract more new members.

With an existing database all you have to do is get the singles to your new web site, and then they can start contacting other singles straight away.

With an existing database of singles you will be months or even years in front of someone who is starting a service off from scratch with no members. The easiest way to get more members on your site is to have singles already making full use of your web site.

Once you have a dating service up and running with a high member count all you need to do is promote your web site. This can be done with article submissions and directory submissions.

These two ways of promotion create back links to your site that search engines love so you'll start getting traffic to your site. Another reason most people fail with their new dating service is they just create it and think that traffic will come automatically which is something that never happens.

When you create a web site in the online dating niche you're instantly in competition with thousands of other web masters. The more you do to promote your site the more exposure your site will get over theirs.

To win the wars of online dating all you need is a large database of singles, and constant promotion of your site. When you get these two things right you'll start receiving your affiliate checks.
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