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Sep 3, 2008
To get started advertising your website, a good way to generate traffic is to get involved in pay per click, also known as PPC advertising. There are a few important factors that you begin by considering if you are looking to get involved in this particular advertising movement. To being with you should understand exactly how PPC works and what measures you should be implementing to keep track of how your return on investment or ROI is progressing.

To start out with PPC advertising you need to know about the way in which this particular advertising system works. In the simplest terms, PPC advertising incorporates the elements of keywords, ad and bids, which are combined together and then placed in search engines, portals and websites that receive revenue for having the advertising posted on their pages. The placement is an important element in this mix, as the relevance of the ad to the page on which it appears is crucial to the success of the advertisement. To ensure that advertisements find their way onto relevant sites there is a process of keyword analysis of the page that is vital for this.

The keyword element is one of the most vital elements, as if you are not utilizing the correct keywords the whole thing may start to unravel at that point. To ensure that you have selected the most appropriate keywords, make sure that you select targeted words that express the products or services that you wish to most closely be identified with. Following this you will then need to consider the copy for the ads and this is another important factor, as correctly written copy is the key to a high conversion rate, which ultimately produces a high number of buyers.

Now that you have your keywords and ad copy written, you are going to begin dealing with the next element which is bidding. The process of the actual bidding can vary between search engines, but basically you are going to nominate the maximum amount usually in US dolloars that you are willing to pay for the keywords that you want to include in your ads. Lastly the element of placement comes into play. Placement is determined by the amount of money you are willing to pay for your keywords, and if you pay more or less than competitors then you will find your advertisements will be placed higher or lower in the search engines accordingly.

Lastly you will need to implement some form of tracking on your keywords. There are people who are online window shoppers. These are the people that click on every ad that comes up but rarely actually buy anything. You should have some good tracking tools to follow this. When you track your keywords effectively you are best able to find out which words are brining in positive sales and which keywords are those that are bringing in the window shoppers. This leads into you ROI, and the success or failure of your advertising strategy over time.

It is relatively easy to start bidding and get going on PPC advertising, but to really succeed you should look at the bigger picture. Make sure you approach this as a step by step process and work to fine tune your advertising campaigns by tracking and evaluating your keywords for their real benefit to your over all sales numbers. By analyzing and correcting, you will see genuine results and an increase in quality traffic flows that will make it time well spent.
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