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Think And Grow Rich Methology

Aug 17, 2007
I went to a seminar about "Think and Grow Rich" last week. During the seminar, something pop up in my mind . . .if Internet marketing can really apply this methology:

The power of Desire
The power of Decision
The power of Organized Planning
The power of Specialized Knowledge
The power of Masterminding
The power of Persistence
The power of Faith

1. The Power of Desire
How desperate do you want? What is your desire? "Getting Rich" is not good enough! What is the real reason why you want to "get rich"? For me, I want to see my child grow! I do not want to miss any moment of my child. At least, till now, I witness each and every milestone my child went through: Saying their first word, taking their first step, making their first roll, showing off their first unsupported sitting . . . Now, questions to all readers up there who are reading this, did you miss any moment of your life? Thus, gaining financial freedom is my mean to reach my goal of spending quality time with my family. Hey, the world is changing, I don't mind to be called "House-Husband"! I want to live a life of FREEDOM! In term of, not bounded by 9 to 5 job; or worst, overtime and having bad days and bring it back to home!

So, What is your desire? What do you really really want?

2. The Power of Decision
Have I make up my mind? Do I WISH to be successful or Do I WANT to be successful? There is no such mindset as I wish . . . when you have a mindset of I wish, it really really mean, I wish to success but in case it did not work out, it's ok to fail! Sorry if I sound crook, but allow me to say the truth with compassion! I really feel sorry for people who jump into Internet Marketing (or any business) hoping to be successful (In actual fact, it should be read as hoping to fail)! The mindset is not ready! So, once if you have made up your mind, no turning back (actually its easy to turn back as most of people will take it part time, and since investment is low, it's easy for people to quit and claim Internet Marketing or any business is not real and will not work!)

Have you make up your mind? Do you want to be successful or wish to be successful? The choice is yours! Remember: The decision is like a pregnant issue! No such as I am almost pregnant or I am part-time pregnant or I am half pregnant! Either you are or you are not! Thus, either you want or you want not!

3. The Power of Organized Planning
Do you have a plan? Every decisions couple with a business plan! OK, you are not MBA graduates, but, you like it or not, you still need a plan!

You do not need a 20 pages plan, but a simple one will do:

When do you want to develop product? What product? How many products? Who is the target market segment? When do you want to do the survey? How do you want to do the survey? How much budget do you have? How much is your product cost? What is the target price of your product? Do you need affiliates? Do you need JV? Do you need outsource? Which auto-responder will you subscribe to? How do you organize your auto-responder? What domain name? Which hosting? When do you want to build your site? From your survey, how many are keen to give testimony? When is your pre-launch? How to do your pre-launch? When is the actual launch date? Have you build up the hype or momentum? Followup relaunch? Product series 2 . . . Well, above are some pointers but not in sequence and organized.

So in a nutshell, do you have 3 - 9 months plan ahead?

Remember: No plan = plan to fail!

4. The Power of Specialized Knowledge
If you have the knowledge, it's fine! If not, just outsource! Go to eLance and there will be many people can help you in every aspect from programming to copywriting to ebook! It's worst challenge for one who is IT savvy! We tend to do everything ourselves. We need to be focus on the execution of steps outlined in step 3 and not running amok to do everything under the sun!

Face it! We only have 24hour/day; only way for us to have 100hour/day is by leveraging! If you can co-partner with someone, then work out a profit sharing plan! Else, engage someone, beg someone, bride someone, pay someone, outsource to someone, do whatever you need, just let someone do the job for you!

This is a very important concept of OPT (Other People Time), OTR (Other People Resource), OTK (Other People Knowledge), OTM (Other People Money), OTX (Other People xxxxxx). Hey, have you ever see Bill Gate write his own MS Window/Office coding now? Have you ever see our PM Lee summon fine to parking idiots?

So, specialized knowledge = leverage on others = more time!

5. The Power of Masterminding
You cannot cross the Pacific alone! You need a team or soul mate! Get together with someone who is with same mindset. This sound crook, but you really need to do this: GET AWAY FROM SOMEONE WHO ARE AGAINST YOU! They will draw away your energy and demoralized you!

You need a masterminding team to help each others, share with each other, they are your support team, in term of technology as well as spiritually! If you are alone, QUICK! FIND ONE! If you want to join me, drop me a mail.

6. The Power of Persistence
If you believe in it, you must persistence even if the world is against you! Thomas Edison will not found Bulb if he failed and given up in his 999 time; Sly will not shoot Rocky if he given up submitting his script and insist on himself playing the lead role on 100th attempts; and many many more! This is the power of persistence. If you know it is going to work and going to change your life . . . just hang on and do it Of course, do review your course in step 3 if is heading nowhere!

Just remember your step 1 (desire), and you have already prepare step 2 (decision) and work out step 3 (planning), and figure out step 4 (leveraging), and have someone endorsed and support you in step 5 (masterminding group), then now you have to go thro your step 6 yourselves!

Each day is a day closer to your victory!

7. The Power of Faith
Lastly, to empowered all about, the most important fundamental! DO YOU HAVE FAITH in what you are doing? BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE!

Conclusion Are you ready? Have you ask yourselves the right question? Wrong question will lead to stupid answer, which will lead you to failure!
About the Author
After working in MNC for over 10 years, Albert have decided to quit and jumped into a total new area 2 years ago. The new era which he dived in is called INTERNET. He has invested many resources and time in many Internet Courses. For more information please refer to (http://www.thisisjusta.com)
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