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How To Build Websites And Blogs Quickly With WordPress

Sep 3, 2008
Anyone who wants to design, build and maintain their own website or blog using the best software currently available to web designers should seriously consider using WordPress. It is already the most popular blogging software platform and now you can use WordPress to build traditional websites as well. It is very easy to use for everyone and best of all it is free!

With any open source software like WordPress you can build as many web sites or web logs as you want for free. Do not waste your time and energy looking for other website builder solutions as Wordpress software will provide everything you will need.

If you are not technically gifted then you will be pleased to discover that in order to use this impressive content management system you will not require any specialist technical skills at all. If you can use software like Microsoft Word then WordPress will be easy!

There is no need to learn or code html or get a programmer to help build your website for you because working with WordPress you will be able to it all for yourself. No more wasted time or money as you can get WordPress today for free and start building your new site instantly.

You will need to find a Wordpress web hosting account and then install the Wordpress site builder software before finding and choosing a Theme to use with your new website or blog. Most themes are also free and you will discover that there are many to choose from and they are simple to install so you can easily try many differnet ones before making a final choice.

Even if you decide that you want a better theme for your site in a few months time it will be just as easy to change. You may even decide to buy one of the more complex and unique premium themes to give your site that really professional look. If you want a great looking website then WordPress is definitely the way to go.

Special packages of software code called Plugins are also available to enable you to add extra functionality to your website. These too are also easily installed by a single mouse click and you never see the code but just the enhancements to your website that the plugin provides. Most plugins are also free and can really add more power to your website in many different ways.

WordPress has special a built in syndication software facility called and RSS feed that means your site is easy to promote in the search engines so potential visitors will find your site more often and so they can also subscribe to all new content you add to your website. Because search engines like Google respond to this type of syndication so well you will quickly see your site ranking higher in the results pages.

If you want great looking website that is easy to build and manage by yourself then there really is no other choice. Don't waste time looking at the other alternatives as WordPress already does everything you could possibly need.

WordPress is the best software for building websites and it is free!
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