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How To Link Your Inner Web Pages To Improve Your Search Rank

Sep 3, 2008
Ranking your web pages so that you climb the search engines requires a good understanding of links. You are probably aware that having good incoming links from authority sites can make a dramatic difference to your search engine ranking. What many people overlook is the links that they have implemented for their internal pages. When you are looking at your onpage optimization can be a perfect time to ask your self, Have I implemented the right linking strategies within my website?

To start this off, take a look at anchor text. Whilst doing your onpage optimization you will highlight the keywords that you consider most important. What many people will over look is the links to internal pages that they create using these keywords. Whilst we know that one of the key factors search engines rank a site page for is incoming links to pages, many people will pass by the opportunity to include incoming links from their own pages.

Linking your own pages is a great way to create one of the strongest types of incoming links. Maybe you have heard that incoming links that are directed toward your page via anchor links are some of the strongest links. If you have wondered just how to get these types of links to your pages, well here is the perfect opportunity. Anchor text is the word or phrase that holds the hyperlink to your page; when you link your pages together using anchor text, it is the perfect opportunity to get exactly the kind of strong links that will boost your site in the search engine page rankings.

When you are preparing you onpage optimization factors, this is a great time to check that the anchor text and internal links you have established are in line with the onpage optimizations you have done. The first thing that you want to do is make sure that the page title contains the keywords. For example if you have a site that sells shoes, if the page you are trying to direct the links to is for ladies shoes, then you want to make sure that the onpage optimization reflects this.

Make sure that you have the right heading in the navigation bar. If you have a page that is about ladies shoes, then you need a ladies shoes page within the navigation bar. Following this, ensure that you have the keywords ladies shoes in the page title, this means making sure that it says ladies shoes at the top of the browser window. Next make sure that you have bolded the keywords ladies shoes somewhere in the page. Also make sure that you use the keywords at regular and natural intervals throughout the page text. When you have done all this, the last step is to check that the term ladies shoes is in the main heading of the page.

When you have completed these onpage optimizations, you then want to make that final, crucial internal link. Establish direct links to the ladies shoes page from your other pages, via that anchor text. Ideally if you can create anchor text links tied to the term ladies shoes on every page of your site then do so.

Generating these internal links may well be the simplest link generation that you can do for your page, and yet it is one of the most often overlooked. Remember that your website is yours to do with as you please. Getting other links is not going to be as easy as this, so make the most of it. Create strong internal links that are focused and effective; its a great way to quickly and easily boost your search engine ranking.
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