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Get Your Pages Indexed Quickly With The Blog And Ping Technique

Sep 3, 2008
Having completed your new web page you may have been waiting awhile now for the search engine spiders to come and have a good look around. Well if you have everything ready and you have been vigilant with taking the steps necessary to optimize your websites, there is another option that you should now consider. Blog and ping is a way that you can establish a solid link into your website, and then get the search engines to come and view it in a remarkably short space of time.

You may have already heard of some other advantages to having your own blog. It is a great way to demonstrate your skill in your particular niche area, can be a good way of communicating up to the minute information to your customers and also provides a more informal way in which to interact and build relationships with your clients. There is one other important thing that your blog can do for you, and that is send the search engines straight to your website.

How does it work? Well it is quite simple really, to get started you need to establish your blog. This can be a relatively straightforward manner, and once you have set it up with a few initial posts you are ready to get the search engines to come to you. One of the simplest ways to do this is to link your blog to a My Yahoo account. When you have done this you are then able to send a ping to Yahoo to get their spider to come and view your blog. From there you have the power to direct them to any page you wish.

Once the spider reaches your blog, it will then follow any links from there on to other sites. The most straight forward way to get the spiders to index your site is to place links to the pages you want indexed within your blog text.

To do this is easy enough, just start by creating a Yahoo! account, if you dont already have one. Once you have done this you need to go back to your blog and link the blog to your Yahoo account with an RSS feed that displays your content in the My Yahoo page. You can get this from your blog page, and it will be in a format such as Site feed URL. Simply copy this link and then get back to your Yahoo page to insert it.

When you are back on the Yahoo page then you need to select the option to add content and specify that you wish to add content by URL. Take the URL you copied from your blog page, paste it, add it and then select to add it to My Yahoo. You are now ready to take the most important step, to let the search engine spiders know that you are there. Before you do this final step, make sure that you have included relevant links, anchored to appropriate words in you posts. As a rule of thumb, around 4 links rather than 10 links per post is more appropriate. With too many links in your post you run the risk of being labeled a spammer, and this is something you want to really avoid.

The final step is to ping Yahoo and let them know to come and look. This is your chance to get the spiders to your blog site. When the search engine crawler arrives at your blog, if you have done a good job of linking with your website, then you will get the crawlers to every page of your site you have linked back to your blog.

The blog and ping process can be done as regularly as you post content, and is a sure fire way to get your web site visited. By following the steps necessary to blog and ping you have in your hands a great way to quickly and effectively make your site stand out from the rest and get fully indexed by Yahoo.
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