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How to Make Massive Money With PLR

Sep 3, 2008
There are a billion web pages online and most of business pages sell something either directly or indirectly. Anything and everything from chili sauce to the hottest new cell phone. You may already have a business online selling pet toys, scrapbook supplies, bottled water, digital equipment or even life insurance. But have you heard about private label rights (PLR)?

Even if you're hauling in big time profits, private label rights offer you so much more. What if there was a way that you could rake in enough money to pay your monthly bills in less than an hour a day... working in front of your computer in your slippers? Would you want to know how that would be possible?

It's true that generating leads, selling and making money online is pretty easy when you consider the mega number of people you can reach. Have you run into any hurdles yet? Are you getting plenty of leads off your website? Do visitors jump on your offers and click the YES button?

Is the income you dreamed of still just out of your grasp? Here is the solution you've been waiting for.

First, think about the number of people who turn to the Internet to do what you're doing. Millions. Young people who want to cash in on technology. The greatest generation of all time is retiring: Yes, the baby boomers want to start an online business in droves. Moms and dads elect to stay home to raise the kids: These devoted parents want to make money and guess what... they push the ON button and start surfing the Web to find out how to start an online business.

You may have been in this boat at sometime in your past. So, it's easy to remember how exciting and magnetic the Internet is. Once you get a taste of success online, you want more...

If you are counting your dollars every day from your thriving online business, you know more is better. That's why you want private label rights (PLR) products -- to make even more money.

If you have not yet realized your dream of making money online, get out of your box... and think bigger. There's more than one way and more than one product that you can sell. PLR is your ticket to unlimited wealth.

You don't even need to quit what you're already doing. Just ADD PLR to your lineup of profit-producing success stories.

PLR products are top sellers that you gain the rights to. You then resell the products. Put your name on PLR products and even sell the rights yourself. These are digital products so there's no storage issues. You keep then neatly organized on your desktop.

It's difficult to imagine the profit potential, but it is MASSIVE. I mean MASSIVE. You create multiple streams of income. Once you get going, just sit back and your checks roll in. PLR is what everyone is referring to when you hear "make money while you're sleeping."

Compare PLR products to web design, something we are intimately familiar with. This is NOT a "make money in your sleep" business. We have to sell it. Get paid. Create it. Publish. And then support it. This process has many steps that involve hours and days. Granted, we love what we do, but it does consume a lot of our time, thought and work performance in addition to constant research and a heavy investment in equipment. What process does your business have? Are you out in the traffic with gas prices eating up a good chunk of your payday?

Take a look at our PLR program: You get all the materials upfront. Everything. The ready-to-sell product, the original source file of the product that you modify and put your name on. You get the HTML web page done... with copy and graphics, and the page is search engine optimized. You get the "thank you for your order" page that contains the downloadable link your buyer uses.

Once setup, you never "touch" the product ever again. It just keeps making money for you "while you sleep."

Take this simple process and multiply it by 10, 20 or even 100. You count it up... all without you ever doing a thing to the product again. You keep getting paid over and over. You never touch it again once it's setup.

There's a good reason why people are frantic to get on the PLR train and now you know what it is. MASSIVE MONEY!
About the Author
Alexandria Marx has 20 yrs direct marketing copywriting, web design and Internet marketing. She's published 7 ebooks on how to make money, and offers marketing tips for small business in addition to PLR products. Visit DM-Creative.com today!
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