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Using An E-book As A Viral Marketing Tool

Sep 3, 2008
An e-book can be a great way to get a client's attention if you know how to use one with viral marketing. In fact, you don't have to spend a lot of money to do so. There are a lot of resources available online for free that you can get at no cost. However, it's absolutely imperative that you know how to capture readers' attention so that you can successfully sell them products and build your reputation as someone who has a quality e-book and whose creation and marketing have been successful.

Make It Interesting

Among the most important things you can do when you create your e-book and market it is that the pitch page and cover have to be very attractive. The pictures you use should draw attention to the e-book itself and the content inside. The images should be memorable and understandable even if you use black-and-white or use a thumbnail view to list your e-book along with other e-books at various sites. If you are going to include the e-book in a one-page site or in your own website, you can use the pitch page as its own webpage. Remember that the keywords you use should be those you know potential buyers are going to use, so that you get the right traffic and so that your pages retain top ranking on search engines.

You can also talk to other website owners, e-book authors and moderators of forums so that you can exchange or buy links and thus boost visibility even further. This will make even more people want to buy your product. Viral marketing can be very effective in that people will see interesting copy as a first taste of your work. If you are someone who is writing an e-book for the first time, you can show readers how you write by providing free samples of your reading that they're going to enjoy. Encourage readers to share and keep your work, so that your reputation continues to build.

Keep the Content Relevant and High Quality

With viral marketing, your efforts will be more successful and will reap greater profits for you if you try to attract the right audience. Visit various websites and forums where you may find users interested in your e-book or where topics similar or related to your content are discussed. First post and reply in forums, and then use your signature line to post links that will take people to your page or site. Answer any questions people may have about your e-book, including how it was created and marketed.

Asking experts to review your e-book makes your e-book much more credible and will help keep it visible, too. Therefore, invite consultants, companies and authors to review your work by giving them a free copy and asking them to review it. You can also give them a link to your page or site. There are many free review sites on the Internet available to you. In addition, having affiliates may also greatly increase the visibility of your e-book. If you offer high commissions for those who sell your e-books, this will boost sales markedly. In addition, creating and marketing your e-book may have you writing articles in relation to your topic elsewhere, so that people will become interested and want to go check out your e-book for themselves.
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