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Secrets To Using A Funded Proposal for Internet Network Marketing

Sep 3, 2008
"You need to use a funded proposal in internet network marketing to be successful." I have heard this again and again, but realize that many people do not fully understand what a funded proposal is and how it can work for you when you do internet network marketing. It is actually a very simple concept and when used correctly can provide you great leverage in your business and serves two main purposes and can be implemented in two ways.

When you recruit on the internet for network marketing, it is very common that for every 100 leads you introduce to your opportunity, only maybe 2 or 3 of those will actually decide to join you. The other 97%-98% will not join your program. A funded proposal in your marketing system is a great way to earn money off of those people who do not join your business.

A funded proposal also serves to help you filter out those people or leads that are not very serious about internet network marketing with those who are. Those who either purchase or subscribe to what you are selling generally are more serious, since they have proven that they are willing to spend a little bit of money in order to be successful. Those kinds of people are commonly referred to as opportunity buyers.

Earning money off of your funded proposal is an excellent way to fund your marketing efforts. The money you earn off of this should be funneled right back into your internet advertising, therefore making it possible to generate more leads who in turn buy into your funded proposal. This creates an ever increasing spiral of money for your advertising.

A funded proposal can either be used up front in your marketing efforts or throughout the process of trying to recruit people into your business, commonly known as your "marketing funnel".

When you introduce the funded proposal at the beginning of your process, you offer an eBook or service to those people for a small fee. This directly weeds out those who are not serious and provides much needed revenue off of those who are willing to spend a little money to learn something or buy something.

When you incorporate it as part of your marketing funnel, you give people something free up front in order to entice them into your opt-in list. Then you refer people to services or tools that they could use via your auto responder that can be purchased by them. When those people purchase those services, you earn a commission off of that and in turn earn much needed cash. This form of a funded proposal has the potential for you to earn money over an extended period of your effort to recruit these people into your internet marketing business.

As you can see, a funded proposal in either form should be an integral part of your marketing efforts. Its serves to weed out people who are not serious about working with you and can add much needed dollars to your marketing budget.
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