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Rules of Web Design Explained

Sep 3, 2008
The most important rule of web design is to make sure your site performs under an condition. It's also important not to inundate your visitors with fancy graphics which can slow down a computer's load time. Your site's visitors prefer the opposite.

Here's what you need for good web design

1) Avoid splash pages if you want you site to load at a faster rate.

Splash pages makes up the first impression people have of a website. Made up of pretty designs, they are usually lavish images and graphics with accompanying words such as "welcome to our site" or "click here to enter". They are merely fancy additions without any real functions at all. The most important thing is not to allow any room for users to think about leaving your site, and this is almost impossible if you are using fancy splash pages with slow loading times.

2) Keep banners to a minimum

Websites in the past had a lot of banners which were useful at the time but nowadays they're just a nuisance. Using to many adds makes your site less credible and your visitors will either ignore them or just leave your site. Instead, use affiliate links in the text of your site so people won't view it as just advertisements on your page.

3) Navigating your site should be easy

The navigation should be made very simple that even a young child can manage to find their way around. Avoid the use of flash menus or multi-tiered menus because generally they are not a good idea as far as easy navigation is concerned. If you make it difficult for them, they will leave your site. A site map will help them find what they want and should be factored in to the website design right from the start.

4) Make it clear to the visitor where they are

When a visitor to your site looks through all your web pages, they may not know where they are on the site so making it clear where they are is important. They will then know where they are without feeling lost. Just make sure each page has a clear title and your hyperlinks have a different color when it's been visited. If your visitors are confused, they'll leave.

5) Don't use a lot of audio on you site

If you wish for your visitors to stay long enough to read the contents, do not loop your music file in a way that irritates. While some music can enhance the experience, even the most beautiful of sounds becomes irritating if it is played continuously. If adding audios seems like a good idea to you, do make sure you provide some form of control such as muting or volume control so that your visitors can adapt to their surroundings. If you use all these tricks of website design effectively, you will in time know that your visitors will likely return again and again to your site.
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