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How To Put Together A Lead Generation Plan For Your Home Business

Sep 3, 2008
Of all the skills one must posses to become a successful home business owner none are more important than the important skill of lead generation. It doesn't matter if you're a network marketer, affiliate marketer or just run a home grown enterprise from your computer because without leads at terrible thing happens... Nothing!

So now that we know that you absolutely must have targeted leads to speak with and should always be building an ever growing opt-in database of potential business partners, how does a person go about doing this?

The truth is that the only way to do this and achieve success is to get the education and skills to generate your own leads and build opt-in databases.

Unfortunately 95% of home business owners out their think they can bypass this important skill and just purchase leads or buy opt-in databases. They often end up spending way to much money, don't get the results they were looking for and quickly end up out of money and out of business.

It doesn't have to be that way though if you start putting together a lead generation plan and execute that plan over the course of a few months.

So how does one put together a lead generation plan?

It's really not as hard as you might think and it all comes down to using a few golden tools and having the right education. Here are the three main ingredients to a lead generation game plan:

#1 - You must Create Your Own Custom Capture / Lead Generation Page.

I know what your thinking but I'm going to stop you right now. A replicated website that your network marketing company provided you with is NOT a good lead generation page. You have no control over it and if the company goes out of business or you switch opportunities all your hard work driving traffic to that page goes down the drain. What you really need is a capture page that you have full control over, can make edits to at anytime, and positions yourself as well as the company your promoting.

#2 - You must know how to create that page so it's unique, positions you as an expert and attracts the right people.

Let's face it, most network marketers don't have a clue when it comes to positioning themselves, creating web pages, or writing ad copy. So it's important that you get this education in order to not only to position yourself as an expert in your industry but also increase your opt-in and lead rates.

#3 - You must understand how to drive traffic to your capture page.

The final piece of the puzzle comes down to are you able to drive traffic to your capture page. Without traffic it doesn't matter how amazing or compelling your capture page is because nobody will see it!

So there you have it... Sounds pretty simple huh?

For most people, probably not. That's okay though and the good news is that their are tools out their to help you become a lead generation superstar... Seriously!

If you don't know how to build web pages, host web pages, write ad copy, drive traffic to websites and generate targeted home business leads in general I recommend using an all-in-one service. There are several capture page and online marketing programs available online, you just need to go out and find the right one for you.

The most important thing is to start putting together a lead generation game plan now so that six months down the road you are still not spinning your wheels with no leads to talk to.
About the Author
Josh Bradley runs the website HomeBizGalaxy.com and is the co-creator of the MyCaptureSystem lead generation and online marketing software. To learn more about generating your own leads check out http://www.MyCaptureSystem.com today.
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