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How to Use Articles For Your Biggest Traffic Advantage

Sep 3, 2008
When deeds speak, words are nothing. ~African Proverb

I just got some bad information from a premiere Internet marketer on blogging. He said that we should create an article for your blog and then take that same article and upload it to the article directories.

But I'm here to tell you that some of his information is bogus.

Never, ever do that.


Because you're putting duplicate content out there on the Internet, and guess who hates that way more than AdSense sites?

Right! Google.

We search engine optimization folks optimize for Google for two reasons. First, because Google gets the most traffic. The search engine just gets the most search traffic and it also gets conversions. No one is really sure why, but believe me on this. You will get sales from Google, if you can get your site to rank high in the results pages.

OK, so Google hates dupe content. Why? Because then Google can't provide the best search results. They may show listings for several different URLs with the same information on them, right? But Google doesn't really downgrade you. They may just not give you credit for your own work. Only one blog gets the benefit for it.

So, here's the plan:

When you create an article for your blog, great. Wait until the Google spiders come to see it. You can find that out by plugging your URL into Google and clicking "cached" under your site description. There will be a date at the top will tell you when they last came by.

Then, take that same article you uploaded to your blog and write it again, paragraph by paragraph so that it basically says the same thing. When you've finished, put the second version of your article into Ezine Articles at http://EzineArticles.com.

If you're really ambitious, rewrite it a third time, and put that version into iSnare (http://iSnare.com), and pay the $2 to have it distributed. Don't worry that it will be duplicate content because you're going to use this version of the article to get traffic. Just let it be out there getting readers.

EzineArticles is very strong. With a PR6 (Google page rank of 6), a link back from EzineArticles really helps your search engine optimization. Plus, EzineArticles will allow you to put a link back to your site from the body of the article.

So what you do is insert your article into the blank, and then, use some keyword-rich anchor text (keywords that are hyperlinked) that applies to your website and link back from it. For example, if you were in the dog training niche, you'd take a phrase like "dog training tips," and you'd link it back to your dog training website.

I used this strategy for for my main client and it worked out great. It got him to the top of all 3 search engines at the same time and he gets boatloads of traffic every day--free search engine traffic. Check it out. Wouldn't you like to see your site in the top slot at Google?

You can do it!

Hope this article was just right, take a look at our other articles while you're here.
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Pat Marcello is an search engine optimization, blogging, and social marketing specialist. Use her ideas on article marketing to get your blog or website ranked high in the search engines. For more advice and more than 40 step-by-step videos on how you can make more money with your blog every day, go to Blogging4Boomers.com at http://Blogging4Boomers.com
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