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Diamonds Are A Princess' Best Friend

Sep 3, 2008
One of the defining elemental life forces we find are how we need and respond to inert objects enough to give them personalities. Take a diamonds and gem stones shop mind set if you please. The harvesting of richest essential finds such as new diamond in the searing desert of Australia and the icy polar bear inhabited lands of far north Canada. And you know that in these hellish conditions the toughest men and women on earth are being well paid to bring those gems to us.

We are not sure of Australian but Canada hires and ensures that locals get first chance to train world class in their skill requirements. These diamond service workers are now well in to the diamond cartel and partnerships have been created with NYC and the jewels flow, which has a confirming factor to the market. The Canadian stem pipes of diamonds tend to cluster tighly packed and then crumble apart into large gem almost ready sized diamonds. Local are being trained by Antwerp experts and you now have greater assurance than ever on great quality into a confidence zone market.

Diamonds are required by science and industry and eagerly consume their share of each new find. Diamonds from the west were in relative abundance in the not so civilized peoples of the west, at least those peoples of Venice by the sea. But still for centuries as now Venice was on the wrong side of the sea to be yet able to trade through to the Orient, or even much beyond Constantinople near the gates to the east, part of the east itself, and yet one could only dream of east beyond the Black Sea and into the misty vast mystery of Asia.

Up that seeming never ending climb of mountains, and way up and over they say lay the land of Cathay. And it must have been so for glimpes of this Heavenly place could be found in an occasional slip of silk, forbidden out side of China, where the fearsome Khan controlled all and this included fire balls from hell. So it was with likely fear that diamonds well hidden in the cloaks of beggars had Marco Polo and his father and uncle guide him, with always a local for a days journey often no more.

For each person can carry other duties through the most tricky mountain passes, and particularly an introduction was needed, it was more cousins explaining the urgent swift bribe built in safe passage on yet another gate post to the Middle Kingdom. Diamonds to the mighty Khan and perhaps a favorite neice to be a favorite wife of young Marco, silks for diamonds in abundance, rich wealth and fame if ever to get to return back to Venice. But for now, the gentle rustle of silk entices, while you rattle your diamonds and gemstones shop rollers all day.

How you play with what rocks you have will determine how you may end up when the counting is done. Bliss and sereneity if you choose wisely, less so if you do not. We wish you well, diamond chosing moments do go as if a wisp, even more quickly than they come.
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