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How to Sustain Your Effort for Online Success Guarantees

Sep 3, 2008
Your business success won't just fall into your lap. It isn't a result of luck. Key elements and factors are necessary in order to make your online businesses thrive. Do you have what it takes?

Persistence is the principle factor identified by the "get wealthy" gurus in ensuring your business succeeds. Napoleon Hill said it best, "Persistence is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting desire into it monetary equivalent. The basis of persistence is the power of will."

I almost don't have to say anything else. Your will power defines your persistence. If you are weak, and easily swayed from one thing to the next, you most likely don't have the persistence to make any life's dreams a real vision you can achieve. If you cannot carry on, despite all opposition, then you are doomed.

What kind of opposition? Let's start close to you. Are you married or have a long time relationship with someone? Do your closest friends call you nuts for striving to abundance? Most likely, you have problems convincing even your closest companion (spouse or significant other) that you will achieve your vision.

How about your friends? How many tell you that they think you have a great idea and if anyone can do it, it's you? I am certain you cannot find 5 friends or family members that share your faith in your vision of success and abundance.

Is non-stop effort something you can do while marching toward completing your vision? Build a foundation of like-minded thinkers, and your strength and will power to achieve online success will multiply. Mastermind groups are the best place to go to find people who will encourage you with great ideas that build your confidence, will power, and persistence.

Without support, without like thinkers, you will have a massive struggle on your hands. How long can you hold out with everyone telling you that you're wasting your time? Most can't for long. Visions of abundance are realized by only 3% of the population.

Persistence is mandatory, and your will power must be strong to back it up. Find the online success mastermind group that works best for you, and you will change the odds. You can be an online success, your foundation can give you the persistence.

Remember, you don't succeed by luck or hand outs. The tools you possess will make your business a success.
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