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Your Business Blog Just Got Easier: 3 Ways To Get Blog Post Ideas

Sep 3, 2008
"Blogging seems like a chore," groaned my busy client. "Do I really need one more marketing activity in my life?"

For many business owners, the answer will be a firm "yes." I'm meeting more and more indie business owners who tell me, "I'm getting more business through my blog than any other source."

But to get these results, you need consistency. You have to write entries at least 3 times a week. some say 4 to 5 times a week. A neglected blog might be worse than no blog at all. Since I increased my own blogging activity, I've noticed more comments, more subscribers and even more queries and customers.

So what do you do when faced with that small space, already dated, begging for words?

(1) Find an article, news release or blog entry on your topic. Write a response, with a link to the original source. If you agree with the article, provide a few additional examples to support the author.

For example, as you read this article, you may think of another effective way to create blog posts - something I haven't mentioned. Or you may have tried one of these tips and you have a success story to share.

But if you're really an expert on your topic, you'll rarely agree 100% with the article. And when you really disagree, you can create an edgy, readable blog post.

For example, I just read an article targeted to executives starting a new job. The article urged new employees to keep asking the boss for feedback - every single week.

Gimme a break. Can you imagine a new employee hounding the boss with that infamous "How am I doing" question? If you have a career blog, you've got a golden opportunity to disagree. Just be polite, because the whole world has access to your blog.

Of course, if you're lucky, a lot of indignant readers will read your post. They'll send you comments like, "How dare you claim that bosses don't want weekly feedback." On a blog, dialogue is good.

(2) Review a book, movie, play or TV show -- and relate the topic to yours. Include the name of whatever you're reviewing in your blog entry title. You'll attract attention from all sorts of readers who are searching for movie, books and shows.

For example, I got hooked on Carrier, the PBS series about sailors on the USS Nimitz. for my career blog, I created a few entries about "extreme careers." And I received some amazing comments.

(3) Answer a question posed by a client, prospect or seminar attendee.

My clients frequently send me emails as part of a coaching or consulting package. One day I realized I had just spent time crafting a comprehensive answer to a tough question. "This is too good to reserve for just one person," I said to myself.

To maintain my client's privacy, I disguised the details. I changed names. And I had a blog post.
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