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Starting A Vending Business - Marketing Plan Secrets!

Sep 3, 2008
Starting a vending business can be one of the best experiences in the world when you have a clear vision about how to go about it and build your business properly.

Sure anyone can buy a vending machine but how do you find locations? Where do you buy products, Where do you get parts for your machines, Who is going to move them for you? What if it breaks how are you going to fix it?

These are all questions that you should have answered before you even start or personally in my opinion even before you buy your first machine. Homework is critical before starting any business and especially the vending business.

If you do not do your homework you could wind up over paying for your machines and this could cost you hundreds or even thousands in start up costs alone. Never mind you're on going expenses in the business.

Before buying your first machine research on the internet some of the websites that sell machines. You should be buying a very specific make and model of machine. Think of it like a car. If you like ford cars and you found them to be very reliable and if you ever needed parts for it you could get them for a fair price.

Well vending machines are the same. Stick with what you know and what is prominent in the market and your local area. Once you find a reliable vending machine then stick with buying the same kind.

Also it is important to have some things in place like having a vending mover that you can call to move your machines for you. This is important because if you find a location to place your machines then you will need to give the location an idea of when you can move your machines in.

In my business I am always in close contact with my vending machine mover always knowing what his schedule is. I do this because a big part of my business is expansion and closing deals on locations.

I always like to keep my new locations informed as to how things are progressing and when they can expect their machine. This way you will close more deals and start your relationship with your new locations on the right foot.

Expanding your vending machine business is by far one of the most important aspects of your business. This is a critical component to the success and difference between just running a part time small operation and running a serious money making business where you could be saying goodbye to your day job!

This is the reason why I love the vending machine business so much. There is so much potential to make a serious change in your finances and make some serious money in vending.

Do you want to make more money? Do you want to be able to have control of your financial future and not be at the whim and mercy of your employer? Then the vending business is for you.

The reason for this is because it is very easy to get into without having to have a large sum of money to start with. Plus if you take the time to learn how to market your business properly you will get more locations that you could dream of. After all isn't that what people struggle with the most in the vending business?

Locations are the life blood of your vending business and this is what people struggle with the most. Why?

Because they don't take the time to learn marketing! Marketing is crucial to your expansion of your business. There are only so many hours in the day that you can run around town banging on doors to try and build your business.

What you have to do is learn marketing and advertising to build this thing. When you put together a system that works then you will stand the best chance for success in vending.
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Chris Robertson has been a vending operator for over 9 years. He can be found at Toronto Vending Services. Also learn about Starting A Vending Business. and be sure to take a look at Chris's vending information website Your Vending Resource to get all the latest information about vending and Chris's Free Vending Report!
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