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Why Some People Fail in Business And Others Win!

Sep 3, 2008
Do you know the difference between Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods? Most likely, you know it. They are two individuals who have achieved maximum achievement in their careers. What for them was art, for others was just a game.

It has come to my attention many times around that in online marketing; the same top level achievements have indeed been accomplished for many us in the marketing field. The differences are astonishing. While others think and believe about a game just being a game, a business being taken as a hobby and not seriously, there are others who take their game as an art and their business as a fun and exciting game.

Whether it is considered a sport or a business, those who really love what they do found their own self-motivation and build their own consistency based on the their sole enthusiasm of what they are learning.
Once you decide on what you are going to do, old TV commercials say reading is fundamental. No wonder why the basketball commercial was aired so much, it works for the majority.

Learn about the market you think you should go into, and if what you read from the right person goes in accord with what you have or can acquire, again, take action. There is nothing more exciting than doing something you love, consistently and knowing what are going to be the results. You just keep doing it, improving it and perfecting it.

An international master player in one of the games to one of us as he blitz his way into a 2 minute win, become obsessed about the journey my friend, not the destination. If you fail at the beginning, become obsessed about the journey while keeping it healthy financially, very importantly. Do not just quit in the first try!

No matter if you acquire what you wanted, ask for feedback in regards to your past actions so you can learn and improve at your next round on the table. Perhaps in both our cases it is our home office. If it is not for you, whether you want to sell merchandise on the internet or many of the other options readily available, choose and stick to the plan.

If you think it will be easier getting assistance with a paid mentor at first and you can afford it, go for it if you have a separate budget for it. Most of the times if you can work for free for them and help them save time with their needs and their desires, you might get a friend plus free mentoring on the side.

If you do not want to go through seeking mentoring online, go to seminars and get their advice for a minimal fee. Usually they are available to a talk over lobby, inside the speaking event and even over the bar, like most speakers. Who will not?

If you want to get in the wholesale business, look for training regarding it and ultimately a wholesale list. The same goes with sport careers or any recognized business, learn and then walk the talk by testing and adjusting your projects.

Jordan, Tiger Woods and all other great ones did not became great in day, neither Rome. They were all built and grew magnificently in years. Same facts go hand in hand with business!
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