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Easy Home Based Business - Fact or Fiction?

Aug 17, 2007
Is the easy home based business the elusive Holy Grail or is there really an opportunity to have your cake and eat it too? I can tell you from first hand experience that there is such a creature, the easy home based business does exist and I've seen it with my own eyes.

But let me warn you right now that the siren song of the easy home based business has lured many unsuspecting souls into the jagged rocks of internet failure. And it's easy to see exactly why this is the case as there are literally hundreds of websites selling to the emotional appeal of just this type of home based internet business.

And when the sales page of these unscrupulous internet home business purveyors are expertly written, they seem like just the ticket to financial freedom. But behind the sheep's clothing of promised wealth and freedom lies the hideous wolf of broken promises, personal disappointment and shattered dreams.

So what should you do, just give up? Simply accept your lot in life and crawl back into the office with your tail between your legs and your lips puckered up and ready to plant where your boss tells you to plant them? Nah, I didn't and neither should you.

You see, it wasn't too long ago that I was also looking for a way to make a living online. The internet is the great new frontier so I knew there had to be an easy home based business as there were so many others out there making bucket loads of cash without ever changing out of their pajamas. Why not me?

So I took the normal route, I came up with a business idea. I added 3 partners to help with the business and hired a website designer; spending thousands of dollars on a restaurant review website. From there, my partners and I slaved away for over three years, burning through over $10,000 in cash and hundreds of hours nights and weekends.

And do you know how much money I made? A big fat ZERO.

I couldn't believe I was spending so much money, working so hard, yet losing so much money, it was simply not working. But then I got lucky. I stumbled across a website for sale and decided to take a chance and I bought it. It was more than I wanted to pay but not so much compared to what a 'real' business would cost.

Looking back, I can clearly see that without making the tough decision to buy this business, I never would have learned just how easy an internet business could be. I learned that all my previous time and effort was wasted because I was racing ahead but on the wrong path. I was following the 'traditional business' map instead of the internet business map.

And these are two altogether different animals.

But the funny thing is, as it turns out, the internet is actually a lot simpler way to make money than any other home based business, easy really. The secret is that you need to follow the right map. And with this map in hand, traveling to the pot of gold is a short trip.

So avoid the slow meandering path that drains your wallet and zaps your energy. Find a reputable map vendor, one with an impeccable reputation, and get a copy of his map. Take his short cuts and straight line paths through the woods and you too will realize that there really is an easy home based business that's just right for you too.
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