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Using A Proxy Website For More Protection

Sep 3, 2008
Using a proxy website has many advantages. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term proxy or what it means; more shall be explained below.

A proxy is simply something that acts as a middle man, handling all data and communications on your behalf, thus removing any risk on your part. Proxies exist all over the Internet and are quite easy to use. To locate on just go to Google or any other major search engine and type in the term proxy site. Lots of websites will come up relating to proxies. They will either be proxies, or a proxy resource website.

Do not be worried about using a proxy. Many people try and say the proxies are bad and should not be used. This is because they have an ulterior motive. By surfing behind a proxy you are protecting your identity and therefore websites cannot gather information like they did before. All websites that you visit collects information about you. What is collected varies but typically it is your IP address, MAC address, and geographical location.

How is this information used? Most websites use the information for harmless issues and will not affect you in any way. There are some, however, who have bad intentions and will abuse the information that they have collected. This is where the problems come in.

Using a proxy site eliminates this problem altogether. Websites that you visit do not see you, they see the proxy. Therefore, the proxy IP address, geographical location etc is collected, not yours! This is a great advantage of surfing behind a proxy. The best type of proxies to use is one that has been around a long time and that have built up a reputation with online communities.

Also, pay close attention to where it is hosted. If it is hosted in Panama, for example, this is a great choice. Panama has excellent secrecy and privacy laws in place to stop abuse of information and is very strict as to what can be revealed and how it can be used.

Finding out where the proxy site is hosted is always a smart move. It is best not to use a proxy that is being hosted in countries like Iran, North Korea, or Nigeria. If you do then you could land yourself in hot water on way or another. If you do not have a limited budget and have some spare cash, you may want to look around the Internet and invest in something even more reliable and effective. There are several products available on the market that offers you encryption services.

Basically, everything between your computer and the server of the company offering the service is encrypted meaning even more privacy for you. If someone were to intercept the data all they would pick up is gibberish. Using a product that offers encryption services may not be cheap but it is well worth it if your main goal if privacy from snoops. I hope this article proves both useful and helpful.
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I hope you have enjoyed this article. The author lives in England and has his own proxy resource website offering links to proxies and reviews on products. You are welcome to visit the anonymous proxy website and I hope you find it helpful.
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