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Tips to Get Started Writing Keyword Sensitive Articles

Sep 4, 2008
To write keyword articles a good place to start is simply by knowing your topic well; if you are writing the keyword articles for your own business or field of expertise that may be quite straightforward. If you are writing about a subject that you are unfamiliar with there are tips that you can use to get started. There are also some simple tips that you can follow to produce good quality keyword articles.

To start with lets look at writing for a subject you are unfamiliar with. The key to this is to start out by getting a feel for the subject. Quite simply, read a lot. The more you can read the greater your level of understanding will be about the subject that you are focusing on. When you are on track with the subject, try making a few notes on the buzz words or keywords, for the particular subject of interest.

As an example, if you are going to write about internet marketing then you would want to know a bit about SEO, web 2.0 and web site linking to get started. Basically if you read and become aware of the main catch phrases around any given industry, then the chances are you are well on your way to writing articles that effectively incorporate these key words.

The next tip is to start writing the article. Dont worry at this stage about the keywords, simply write the article in a concise and articulate manner. This provides you with a quality article that is interesting to the reader, not just a piece of work that incorporates a number of keywords that are attractive to search engines. When you have done this then you are ready to start considering how your keywords fit in with the subject you have written about.

The next thing that you need to look at is the popularity of the keywords that you have selected here. There are tools that can help you evaluate search engine trends as well as the word searches that are conducted. What you are looking for is more highly targeted searches, with phrases of 2 or more keywords that are the most popular for the subject that you are writing about. When you have identified these then you are ready to make sure that they can be found in your article.

A tip for putting keywords into you article is to firstly identify the most relevant keywords or key phrases, and then include them in a natural way in your article. This is why it is worthwhile writing the article first without thinking about them. You will now probably find as you read through what you have written your article in such a way that there are natural places where you have included the keywords without purposefully doing so. To increase the regularity with which these occur, you can now go through and find similar words and change to your selected keywords, without changing the overall appeal for the reader.

Lastly, two important tips are to proofread and write a keyword rich headline. When you have changed the original words that you used in your first article draft and when you have incorporated keyword, it is likely that you have made the odd slip up or the context of what you have written has changed slightly. Either way it is vital that you review what you have written and make sure that you have expressed exactly what you intended to, with out serious problems in grammar and punctuation.

Finally, make sure that you have a good keyword enhanced title for your article. When you select the keywords, and after you have read about a topic, researched and written a piece, you should have a good idea how to express what you have written in a succinct manner, and with the maximum usage of the main keywords. You want to be careful that you dont lose the meaning by in cramming in keywords, but if you are going to get the title right then you want to try and insert the keywords into the heading so that they become the primary focus.

So keeping these tips in mind you are ready to know begin writing articles that are well written and have a good balance between keyword content and genuine content that has value for the reader. When you strike the right balance you are well on the way to creating good keyword articles that will strike this balance and be found easily be the search engines.
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