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How to Choose a Good Web Host

Sep 4, 2008
Web host companies are growing in size, and are in high demand due to the massive amount of web sites being created daily. Free web hosting and commercial paid hosting is available for all users.

Free web hosting is an option for users who are new to building sites, or cannot afford a paid site. A good free web host will have ads to cover the costs, but will not overwhelm your site with them. Bandwidth is usually lower than a paid site, but this isn't a problem for small sites with low traffic volume. If you want a high traffic, and large site, its important to look for a free web host or a paid one that can meet these needs.

If you need to upload large single files at a time, you should find a free web host that will allow this. Most free hosts do not allow large single files at one time, so larger files would need to be broken up into bits before being uploaded. A good free web host will have good access rates, not slow or unreliable ones. While free web hosts generally have bugs and unreliable rates of access, its possible to find good ones that are not like that.

If you want to build a large and fancy site, a paid web host is pretty much necessary. They offer a massive amount of options for users, and are much easier to work with and customize. A great reputation is an important factor for paid or commercial web hosts. Consider the number of users that are happy, and the uptime speeds as well. Its not recommended to use a web host that has an uptime speed of anything less than 99.5%.

Paid web hosting should offer many options for your needs, such as lower bandwidth options for small sites, and high bandwidth options for huge mega-sites. Technical support is a great option for all types of web host companies to have. If your web host does not have this, consider getting a new one. A great web host will have 24 hour 7 days a week 365 days a year support. This is especially important because holiday traffic is usually the most profitable times for your own site, so having support if something happens then is always a great thing.

All web hosts should be willing to answer your questions, if they ignore customer service emails, then that's probably a bad sign. You will also want to look for a good host that can meet your needs for your site. If the host you have in mind cannot, you should find a different one. A good web host would be willing to refund you your money if you are unsatisfied, or if they mess something up on their part.

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Web hosts are important companies, and a great web host will offer you many options for customizing, and meeting all of your needs.
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