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Use New Office Organization Tools to Stay Organized

Sep 4, 2008
Are you frustrated by the time you spend trying to find what you're looking for at home, work or school? This article is designed to provide you with some useful information about new office organization tools that will help you stay organized. Specifics may vary from person to person; however, the following information includes helpful and important guidelines from which everyone can benefit.

It's no secret that an organized office is necessary if you want to get your work done. We all have those co-workers whose workspaces look like a tornado just rolled through. Those same co-workers always seem to be the people who are running behind on their projects or holding you up on your own. It doesn't have to be that way for anyone! There are many new office organization tools that will help everyone stay organized and on track.

One of the best places to start is your filing system. Did you know that most people spend the bulk of their time searching for misplaced files? By doing that, they're basically wasting time that could be spent working on projects. Creating a good filing system can help you keep your documents organized so that you can find them quickly and easily. There are file folders, called EasyView file folders, that have a see-through design that keep filed contents readily visible for the quickest and easiest retrieval. You can even use file folders with tabs for labeling, or you can organize your projects by color for speedy look-ups and help prevent misfiles. Concerned about the environment? There are also file folders that are made from 100% recycled materials so you can rest assured that you're doing your part!

Another great new office organization tool is a project sorter. Picture yourself on a busy day. You have 4 client meetings scheduled and they're all within an hour of each other. Of course each client has a separate file that you have to lug around, either in your car or tucked under your arm. You're running around all day and you're tired. You grab the wrong file. You drop another one on the floor and papers are scattered everywhere. Wouldn't it be easier if all of your projects were contained and organized in one space? A project sorter can help you do just that!

You can organize your desktop papers and also have a smart way to transport work to meetings, trade shows and more. Keeping related (but different) project documents in the same place will help you make sure you have everything you need with you need it. Plus, you can categorize them so that you can find them easily. And, it's a great way to keep important documents safe when they're being carried all the time.
One more new office organization tool that can help you stay organized is a desktop organizer tray. There is nothing more frustrating than having piles of papers on your desk! A desktop organizer tray will keep your papers looking neat. You can even use dividers to help clearly separate and identify your different stacks of papers. That way, you never waste time searching for documents again!
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Sharon Mann is President of the I Hate Filing Club, a group of nearly 100,000 office professionals who hate filing but love finding new ways to become more organized. Learn more about using new office organization tools to stay organized - visit our website.
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