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Improve Productivity with Career Assessment Tests

Sep 4, 2008
Solve your employee-related challenges like reducing turnover, improving motivation, increasing sales and developing and retaining talent. This article will provide you with information that can help you learn how to improve productivity in the workplace with career assessment tests. Whether you're an owner, an executive or a manager, the following information will be beneficial to you.

Every job or position has requirements that go beyond the customary job description. When an employee's job duties conflict with their natural talent and skills, they suffer from tension and stress that can lead to organizational conflict and employee behavioral problems. Career assessment tests can help you more effectively select, develop, and manage people who have the potential to fill critical roles at all organizational levels.

The key to an organization's success is its people. They drive the business and enable the organization to attain its business objectives. When the right employee is placed in the right position, the result can be greater productivity and increased employee morale. Unfortunately, many organizations don't understand how to hire and retain their employees. They are under constant pressure to increase productivity, profitability and revenue growth and it often overshadows the importance of consistent, reliable recruiting and hiring practices.

With career assessment tests, your organization can get objective, quantifiable data about any employee or prospect so that you can make the best possible hiring, training, managing, and promoting decisions. By making the right hiring decisions you will put the right people in the right positions, which will result in increased productivity, reduced stress, less tension, decreased conflict and a positive impact on your bottom line.

Do you know what causes low productivity among your employees? It could be a number of things! Each employee is an individual and the things that affect them negatively in the workplace are unique. They could be poorly matched to a job in which they don't have the skills to be successful. It could be poor work ethic, extreme job dissatisfaction, substance abuse or difficulty with a poor manager. They may be guilty of employee theft or fraud. Whatever the factors may be, your organization must understand how to identify the root of employee behavior and how it relates to low productivity so that you can establish strategies to improve it.

So, how can you improve productivity in your organization? Many companies use career assessment tests to help them find ways to motivate employees as individuals. This provides better results as each employee's reason for working is unique. By using assessments, managers are able to find out what makes employees want to live up to their full potential.

Career assessment tests can also be used to match people with the work they do. By measuring the essential factors that mark the difference between success and failure in specific jobs, your organization put the right person into every position, allowing them to utilize their talents without limitations. This leads to greater job satisfaction and improved morale because your organization is staffed with a workforce of people who are highly productive, skilled and committed to doing their very best.
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Jim Sirbasku is co-founder and CEO of Profiles International, a leading provider of human resource management solutions and employment assessments for businesses worldwide. For more information about using career assessment tests , visit our website.
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