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You Need To Know About M-commerce

Sep 4, 2008
All of us live in an electronically paced world where almost everything begins with the Internet and ends with it. Internet these days means education, trading, shopping, news, sports, and lots more. E-commerce seems to be the buzz word in most of the countries across the world. The volume of online commerce is much more than direct commerce these days.

E-commerce solutions are indeed almost a must have for any business or charitable organization today. E-commerce solutions are used for a wide variety of different purposes. These include purchasing goods and services, making donations to charitable organizations or individuals, paying for a subscription service, transferring funds and so on.

All of these transactions will need you to possess either a debit card or a credit card or checking account. So, people without any one of these are left out, virtually. But not any more, as M-commerce is here to help you out.

Not only innovative and extremely fast, this new E-commerce solution is the most secure and reliable ever created. M-commerce is a method that allows businesses, charities and individuals to take payments or donations from people who are using only their mobile phones in the transaction. The person buying a product, service or making a donation can literally put the amount charged to them on their mobile phone bill. M-commerce is the perfect solution for businesses, individuals or charities that are looking to tap in the the market of literally billions of individuals who are honest, trustworthy, hard working and pay their bills on time every month yet they simply lack credit cards, debit cards, and in some cases bank accounts.

Over 3 billion people across the globe lack a credit card, debit card or bank account yet have a mobile phone. The vast majority of the people pay their mobile phone bill in full every month along with their other bills. This market has not been tapped into by any other method until now.

Even though M-commerce is the newest means of conducting commerce, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular. Studies show that M-commerce is the way most online transactions will be handled in the not to distant future. This method is proving to be superior to other online payment methods including credit cards and debit cards.

For all those people who are looking for a reliable site to help you out with your M-commerce, take the professionalized help offered by EveryBizNeedsThis.com. All the transactions carried on everybizneedsthis.com are authentic and involve no hidden interests or charges. The top 100 mobile companies in the world endorse this company to carry out this type of transaction with their subscribers. Their site ensures that all the payments to the merchants are cleared within 60 to 90 days. This is due to the fact that the customer will clear the transactions along with the cell phone bill. Therefore merchants associated with this, are in a no risk zone.

M-commerce helps you not only to expand your business dimensions. It also helps you find innovative ways to promote your products. To consumers this will serve as the most convenient way to shop when they are low on cash, lacking debit or credit cards and in some cases bank accounts. Indeed the secure and always available pay by the end of month method favored by the majority of consumers around the world is the mobile phone! To all those who are interested in learning more about the newest online e-commerce solution, please see EveryBizNeedsThis.com .
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