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3 Ways Retractable Awnings Can Help Your Business

Sep 4, 2008
Your idea of retractable awnings as they relate to business properties will vary depending on your location. In a collegiate arts district, awnings might seem to exist mostly to give merchants another style element to create their vibe. In a more upscale urban entertainment sector, frequented by well-off folks in search of parties and shopping, awnings would likely be more understated and functional. You might not even notice that you were standing beneath one. The upshot being, you might overlook the commercial advantages of awnings completely unless you had previous knowledge. Here are three main benefits that retractable awnings provide to businesses and property managers.

First, awnings add expanded operating room. For businesses in the restaurant and entertainment industries, this is even more true, since outdoor venues are in demand, and greater seating capacity results in more seating and therefore more revenue. But the rule holds good for any commercial enterprise that could make use of extended outdoor space, whether for meetings, breaks, or the occasional event.

Extended operating space--or "outdoor rooms"--are a primary benefit of awnings. Without requiring the use of an architect or building contractor, they act as a legitimate architectural element. Straightforward to install and compliant with EPA guidelines out of the box, they're cheaper than any permanent construction and maintenance-free, all of which makes for a very low up front expense. Retractable awnings, with the flexibility they bring, make your outdoor commercial property a multi-use area in any weather short of violent storms. Want to regulate the sun on a blistering summer day? Concerned about precipitation canceling your outdoor meet-up? Either way, awnings have you covered. (Sorry about the pun.)

Second, awnings can cut your operating costs. Large cubic footage and long operating hours can cause energy bills to soar, and this is especially true if your business has lots of windows. In particular, air conditioning costs can take off, and awnings can help keep them manageable. How? By installing awnings strategically above over-heated windows (typically on the east, west, and south sides of a building), you'll cut the glare and UV rays by 94 percent and lower room temperatures by as much as 15 degrees. The result: substantial savings on utility bills, ranging from 25 to 34 percent. In addition, filtering the outdoor light will allow you to keep the blinds up, giving your building a more hospitable, open atmosphere.

Third, awnings can help you fully exploit your existing outdoor areas. Sahara-like heat or unwelcome rainfall can easily keep your pavements or decks from getting the traffic and use that you originally visualized when you had them put in. If that's the case, than installing an awning or two will enable you to capitalize on that investment. Does your property have a fantastic outdoor area that should be being used a lot more frequently? Awnings with the ability to be lowered and furled (retracted) are efficient and professional-looking, and you can lower or raise them in under a minute with push-button convenience. The eye-catching impact of an awning doesn't hurt either, as they can help customers notice your establishment.

If any of this stirs your interest, make sure to educate yourself further. You might be surprised to learn how some major companies are using awnings to grow their businesses and promote their brands.
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